• EvoDiva December 20, 2010  

    Perhaps kids could get more nutrients from gnawing on the plastic versions of the Big Macs vs. the real thing.

    Meanwhile, the woman in the video seems like she just sold her soul to the devil – that last “smile” she gives makes it look like she wants to puke!

  • erica December 20, 2010  

    ha! why buy your kid art supplies, a microscope, or musical instruments when this is around?

  • Borracho December 20, 2010  

    Whatever happened to the days when kids played with more nutritious things, like mud pies

  • akd December 25, 2010  

    its not hard to imagine a conspiracy against the american people when you see this. this wraps up agribusiness, fast food, and health care all in one fell poop

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