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sandra lee kwanzaa cake

– You eaters love your tweeters, huh? It’s still early in the 4th annual Endless Simmer Eater of the Year voting, but Ruth Bourdain has jumped out to a commanding lead with 50.6 percent of your votes. The Michelin Man is running a distant second with 18.07 percent, although HuffPo reader YankeeCanuck brings up a good point:

Michelin Man has a name — it’s Bibendum.

Did not know that! Thanks, YC. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is running a surprisingly strong third with 13.08 percent, and we’ve seen write-in votes cast for Jamie Oliver, Cooking for Assholes, Gordon Ramsey, Man vs. Food, Hungry Todd Rungy and Lisa Murkowski (spelled correctly).

I’d like to cast a personal write-in vote for an eater whose big move came one day too late to be nominated: Denise Vivaldo, a recipe ghost writer who made the shocking confession this week that she is the person who originally wrote and sold the universally acknowledged worst food crime of all time:  Sandra Lee’s infamous Kwanzaa cake. We’d give Denise a special award, but she’s currently hiding in an undisclosed location. If you haven’t voted yet, don’t forget to cast your ballot for Eater of the Year.

– Elsewhere, Nick (Macheesmo) agrees that gansie’s laborious nacho constructing method is the only way to go:

This is the best way to make nachos. Some people might call it OCD, but it insures even toppings and maximum chip crunch. Nice work!

– And reaching waaaay back, collin adds another entry to the great vegetarian jerky-off:

Another good brand: Stonewall’s Jerquee. It’s a lot more dry and flaky (if that makes sense) than the other jerkys. Also any idea what main ingredient was best for jerky? ie. soy protein or wheat protein. Apparently the worst jerky is made of shitake mushrooms.

Thanks for all the great comments. See ya next week!

(Photo: Food Network)

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  • Britannia December 17, 2010  

    I love that Lisa Murkowski is a write in candidate, what are the rules for multiple spellings… Or is that a case of lets cross that bridge… ?

  • Maids December 17, 2010  

    Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa cake looks yucky, but I used to be such a sucker for her Pecan Coffee Cake.
    She was also really good in Grease, the musical. Nobody does it like Sandra Lee.

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