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– Wow. Ya’ll mofos have some crazy ideas for how to make a peanut butter sandwich. And we like ’em. Thresher:

It sounds nasty, but try mixing a little mayo (or veganaise!) into the peanut butter. If your PB is on the sweet side, remedy that by adding in a little extra salt. If you’re fancy, do all this in a food processor so the PBayo is fully blended. Totally delicious by itself or with jellies.


My dad got me hooked on PB and tomatoes when I was a kid… he used to eat PB+tomatoes with onions, but I prefer to leave off the onions. You’ve gotta try it, I sprinkle black pepper on my PB&Toms.

Gag! Yum! Wait, we’re not sure which one. Thoughts?

– What’s the difference between a sweet potato and a yam? Check out our 100 sweet potatoes post, where Borracho, Richard and Andrea take the time to spell it out for us.

– Finally, Drew feels for our latest Friday Fuck Up victim:

I HATE it when restaurants dump aioli on my paella. It’s rare but it happens. Best policy is to serve it on the side. We Americans definitely know how to screw up a good thing.


(Photo: Seismic007)

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