Winter Cocktails Gone Wild

One of our favorite things about the temperature dropping is the thought of popping into a cozy tavern for some warming winter cocktails. But let’s face it — seasonal drinks like hot toddies and hot buttered rum are more appealing in theory than in practice. (Mmm…whiskey and water. Yeah, not really.) So we asked five of our favorite bartenders to share their most creative updates of classic winter drinks.

1. Hot Peanut Buttered Rum


POV in Washington, D.C. puts a modern spin on every pirate’s favorite cocktail by infusing Cruzan rum with peanut butter, then mixing it with Cinnamon tea, butter and fresh whipped cream.

2. Tea-quila Toddy

Tequila Toddy

The hot toddy gets a second look at Las Perlas in downtown L.A., where hot hibiscus tea is spiked with Cabo Wabo blanco tequila and gets an extra kick from agave nectar, cinnamon and orange.

3. Oh, Snap!


Philadelphia’s Tabu now stocks Snap — a small batch organic spirit inspired by a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch ginger snap cookie recipe. Here it’s mixed with Maker’s Mark and served on ice.

4. Crystallized Carnia

tuliocarnia tulioflamingcocktail

For an after-dinner drink with some pop, Tulio in Seattle tops a glass of amaro — a sweet Italian herbal liqueur — with a rim of crystallized nutmeg and sugar.

5. Punched-Up Punch

Organic Punch 5

Contrary to what you may have learned at frat parties, this holiday standby doesn’t have to be made from grain alcohol and kool-aid. At D.C.’s Poste, the all-organic version includes a heavy dose of Brazilian Cachaca liqueur, ginger infused acai spirit, organic tea syrup, lime and passion fruit juice.

Feed us Back! What are you mixing this winter?

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(Photos: Mark Silva for W Washington D.C., Meredith Edlow for GPTMC, Photo: Evan Johnson for Tulio)

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  • Borracho December 8, 2010  

    They all sound amazing!! I know you mention that the punch does not have to include any grain alcohol but is it still served best lukewarm and in a giant plastic garbage can?

  • Kathryn December 8, 2010  

    Oh my gosh, that hot peanut buttered rum is making me drool all over myself! I couldn’t imagine anything better! Have you tried it?

  • BS December 9, 2010  

    @Kathryn – haven’t tried it myself, but also drooling over it. Have any of the DC-based ESers had this?

  • Liza December 9, 2010  

    I’m liking the Oh Snap! Ginger sounds really good in a winter cocktail!

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