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Burns My Bacon: This is Not a Cupcake, It is a Cake

Jumbo cupcake!
King size cupcake!
Tiny cupcakes won’t do, but 25 times bigger feeds the whole crew!

Cupcakes are tiny cakes, yes? But for some reason, the logic doesn’t feel right the other way around. There’s no such thing as a giant cupcake. There’s just not. It’s a fucking cake.

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  • Lora November 23, 2010  


  • BS November 23, 2010  

    aaaaaah I saw a cupcake shop offering these recently, too…and I have to admit I was suckered. I thought, giant cupcake, that is a good idea. Wait a minute, it’s just an effing cake!!

  • mikeD November 23, 2010  

    so are you saying a giant cup is really just a bowl?

  • gansie November 23, 2010  

    @mikeD – hmm. i guess if the giant cup was in the shape of a bowl – wide, not tall, then i might agree with that statement. although i guess itd be a case by case decision.

  • Borracho November 23, 2010  

    Size matters! What differentiates the cupcake from plain ol’ cake is it’s size. We wouldn’t order a half lb of fried squid and still call it tapas would we?

  • LoveCupcakes November 23, 2010  

    Can we prefer to call it as giant cupcake? However, great product to make it easy for people to bake a gigantic cupcake.

  • erica November 23, 2010  

    i’m no expert but i’ve heard cupcake snobbists saying things like “a cupcake has a finer crumb”, though i’m inclined to agree that a giant cupcake is just cake.

  • BS November 23, 2010  

    I might start a business selling mini-cakes, but insist they are NOT cupcakes, just small cakes.

  • happycao November 24, 2010  

    it’s a BOWL-cake!

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