Bagels: A Lifelong Journey

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I am on a lifelong quest to catalogue all things bagel. I’ve seen a lot in the world of bagels. Actually, it’s been quite a personal journey. I used to only eat plain bagels, then cinnamon raisin, then everything and now pumpernickel bagels. There’s been bagels in Arizona, bagels with seeds in the dough, and get this: I spied one in the shape of a fucking turkey.

Anyway, all of the bagels, regardless of seed or grain, have been the same shape (well, besides the turkey). Until this past weekend. I was introduced to Thomas’ Bagel Thins.

The bagel is more like toast. It has some of the characteristics of a bagel, where there is a dome crust instead of an outer crust, but it’s as thin as toast.  It’s interesting from a portion control angle, but I’d still rather have the density of a regular bagel but stop at eating a half. It’d probably be the same carb effect.

God I love talking about bagels.

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  • Maids November 15, 2010  

    Bagel thins – sound more like a montreal bagel than a NYC bagel. Not in love with Thomas’ regular bagels. If I have to get a non-bakery bagel my mass-produced bagel brand on choice is Lenders.

  • G November 15, 2010  

    I love Bagels too – I could have one every day but I don’t. Try the Toufayan Smart Bagel – They are thin like the Thomas ones & 100 calories – 5 grams of fiber – I buy the Everything & they are really good.

  • mariah carey November 16, 2010  

    These look incredible. I’m going to search for them asap!

  • ML November 19, 2010  

    I bought these last weekend because they were on sale. I agree- they’re nothing like a bagel. However, they’re really delicious as toast…who doesn’t like toast with everything bagel seasoning on one side?!?

  • BS November 19, 2010  

    @ML – raises a good point. Why can’t more things be everything seasoned? I could go for an everything tortilla.

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