Top 10 Food and Drink Words You’ve Never Heard


Because I’m a closet book nerd, I spend a lot of time reading books about books and books about words. No, don’t laugh. And yes, they exist. Much to my surprise, there are a plethora of food words other than “delicious” to describe this food concept we all love so much. Here are my top 10 new favorites:

    10. Bedinner (v)- to treat to dinner.

He better bedinner me after making me sleep with his cat.

    9. Semese (adj)- half eaten.

We probably don’t use this word because Americans would never leave something half eaten. Seconds, please.

    8. Surfeited (adj)- oppressed or disordered by eating too much.

This happens to me daily. We all know what it feels like.

    7. Deipnosophist(n)- a person who is learned in the art of dining.

Is this the word that will replace “foodie”? Maybe.

    6. Moreish (adj)- encouraging continued indulgence (said of food or drink).

There’s no surprise that this word also resembles Mother.

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  • forkitude October 19, 2010  

    I am effing surfeited by the ziploc bag of Wheaties I had for breakfast this morning.

  • BS October 20, 2010  

    jentactular is without a doubt my new favorite word. I plan to use it every morning.

  • ML October 20, 2010  

    As you should

  • averagebetty October 28, 2010  

    Thank you! Everyone needs more Bouffage in their life… I wonder if that’s where Buffet comes from?

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  • lzab March 6, 2012  

    My family has said moreish for year! As in, “Wow, this Mac’n’Cheese is delicious! Definitely tastes moreish!”

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