Thai Hot Coffee in Four Parts

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Part One: Years ago, and I actually mean years ago, I went to Maine and bought a lot of food—canned and dried goods—from an Asian grocer.

Part Two: When my sister came to visit me in DC, even longer ago, I introduced her to Thai iced coffee, the mother eff of all coffee drinks. She was enamored.

Part One + Part Two: Because my sister liked iced coffee so much, and lived at home with my parents, I brought them raw materials from my trip.

Part Three: We are a family of savers and just as the expiration was nearing, my dad found a can of sweetened condensed milk and snuck it in my bag. Quickly I had to find a use.

Part Four: I remembered I’m a DAD GANSIE in training and I had a package of O-lieng powder—roasted coffee beans, soybeans, brown rice and caramel—in my cabinet. It’s probably stale, but since I just finished my canister of illy, this discovery was perfect timing.

But now I have most of a can left of the condensed milk. Any usage suggestions? Can I sub it in for heavy whipping cream?

(inauthentic) Thai Hot Coffee

Add 2 spoonfuls of O-lieng powder to a French press. Top with just boiled water. Let steep for 3-4 minutes. Press. In a mug, pour in a half spoonful of sweetened condensed milk, pour in coffee. Stir.

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  • OMGYEAHYOUKNOWME September 22, 2010  

    condensed milk? on apple pie, in pumpkn pie, to make breadpudding. Can’t sub for whipping cream in most things though… it’s very sweet. Just make yourself another thai coffee pretty mama

  • bPotash September 22, 2010  

    Do you think I’d be able to make this with intelligentsia coffee?

  • Nee Nee September 22, 2010  

    Yep, pie. Key lime. Sweetened condensed milk is 2/3 of the ingredient list on the bottle of key lime juice.

    @bPotash – you can put it in any coffee as a sweetner. Our local market had imported some Thai sweetened condensed milk that they suggested putting a dallop of in your favorite brew, hot or cold. Does intelligentsia need it though? I wouldn’t harm a cup of Stumptown with sweetner.

  • Ariel September 22, 2010  

    Put the sweetened condensed milk in a double boiler or place the open can in boiling water, stirring frequently for about an hour (until the milk turns thicker and light, nutty brown). This is the short way to make dulce de leche.

  • gansie September 22, 2010  

    omg, @ariel – i love it. i am so making dulce de leche and just eating it out of the pan.

  • gansie September 22, 2010  

    and @OMGYEAHYOUKNOWME i’m not sure if ive ever met you are not, but thank you for the pretty mama shout out

  • Lindsay September 23, 2010  
  • Lindsay September 23, 2010  

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