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Bake Sale Betty's

From Bakesale Betty in Oakland, CA — the sandwich that puts the McChicken to shame.

Buttermilk fried chicken topped with a slaw of jalapeno, cabbage, red onion and parsley.

PS — your humble ES editor is exploring San Francisco, Oakland and surrounds this month — mostly with my mouth, of course. Where to eat? Shout it out, ESers!

Update: Officially one of the ten best sandwiches in America.

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  • Jeff August 16, 2010  

    Pho at Turtle Tower in Little Saigon in SF. First experience with “North Vietnamese” pho and I loved it.

  • gansie August 17, 2010  

    OMG! how’s san francisco?

  • That sandwich looks amazing! Holy yum!


  • Terri August 17, 2010  

    OMG, now I’m hungry.

  • Daphne August 31, 2010  

    Wow – I’m a little late with the suggestions, but I have so many!
    Vik’s in W.Berkeley – BEST. INDIAN. FOOD. EVER. Try the lamb baida roti, masala dosa (only on the weekends) or the cholle bhature. Get the chaat, that’s what they’re famous for, don’t bother with the curries.
    Chez Paniesse Cafe – Not as expensive as the restaurant, but just as good.
    The Cheeseboard on Shattuck – only one kind of pizza daily, but it’s always amazing. This is the only place where I will tolerate mushrooms on pizza.
    Moving south:
    A Cote on College in Oakland – French-inspired Californian
    Zachary’s Pizza on College – “chicago style” – better than any pizza I have had ever. There’s always a giant wait, though. Get the deep-dish.
    Burma Superstar – down the street from Bakesale Betty’s, also be prepared for a long wait. Everything is delicious.
    Mua on Telegraph – fanastic food, beware of hipster waiters. Try the brussel sprouts.
    Lois the Pie Queen – real southern cooking. Their lemon Ice Box Pie is legendary.
    I’m sure I could think of a lot more in the East Bay, but those are my favorites.

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