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Jens takes the lead in the biggest/most badass beer contest:

Here in Germany (in Bavaria to be exact) they sell 1 liter of beer (around 34 ounces, called a “Maß”) during Octoberfest. The biggest beer I’ve ever seen had been 1.5 liter bottles of beer in Latvia, containing 17% alcohol. I kid you not – this stuff tasted like beer liquor.

Can you beat that? Feed us back!

– Meanwhile, rabi reaches back to 100 bananas and clearly wins craziest comment of the week:

i hate this. i was looking for 100 things to physically do with a banana. not fuckin cook with it. who do you bitches think you are. i hate you. i hate bananas. and i hate matt. and i hate living with this website in my memory. how do you think that i am supposed to live, and look at another banana EVER without fuckin losing it. i don’t know. somebody, give me answers. my son is gay.

Ooh-kaaaaay. In more relevant banana news, Louis drops a bomb:

Banana beer and banana bread beer.

Um, hells yeah! Can we get some recipes, though?

– Lastly, thanks for all the sous vide suggestions — more sous vide-ing at home posts to come, obviously!

(Photo: g. rox)

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  • 80 Proof July 30, 2010  

    Epic rabi, epic.

  • Nick (Macheesmo) July 30, 2010  

    Lemme just say, and Imma let you finish, but Rabi had the best comment OF ALL TIME.

  • erica July 30, 2010  

    re: Ein Mas… i was indeed shocked when i attended Wies’n and no one in Munich calls them “steins”.

  • Maids August 2, 2010  

    woah… wonder if rabi is short for rabid… yikes!

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