Viva la Leftovers

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When my brother moved out of my parents’ house after college he couldn’t wait to leave the land of Tupperware behind. To our amusement, my brother received Tupperware from every member of the family as a housewarming gift.

My dad keeps all plastic containers. Imagine portions of horseradish hummus in old Philadelphia cream cheese containers, half melons stored in old pre-made cookie dough containers and cucumbers being pickled in old plastic pretzel containers.

As much as I want to break the family habit of collecting vehicles for leftovers, I just can’t.

I’ve started saving glass though. Wide and short salsa jars, long and narrow caper jars, filling them with couscous and mysterious grains.

But then I was sent Cover Mate’s Stretch-to-Fit Food Covers. And while my addiction to Tupperware has not lessened I now have found a new, easier way to never throw out food: whatever bowl or dish or glassware I have baked or served or eaten something in I just cover it with this dishwasher safe swatch of plastic.

Viva la Leftovers.

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  • BS July 22, 2010  

    Looks like a food condom. Are they really reusable or do they get gross?

  • Olga @ MangoTomato July 22, 2010  

    I like glass jars for making dressing. But then ordered Lock N Lock from QVC for all of my grains: everything matches now 😉

  • gansie July 22, 2010  

    well, ive only dish-washered them twice and they’re still okay. i will surely let you know.

    @olga im torn about the buying everything from scratch for matching purposes. but i am thinking of investing in glass tupperware instead of plastic.

  • chelsea July 22, 2010  

    Actually left Google reader for once to make a food condom comment, but BS beat me to it. RatFINK.

  • Rubygirl July 22, 2010  

    We must be related, I do the same things….you just never know when you might need the right size container…hope this doesn’t qualify me for the TV show the Hoarders. You know those crazy shower caps in hotels, they make good food covers!!

  • erica July 23, 2010  

    i want to get glass tupperware too, for now i just have a zillion glass jar of all sizes. it’s pretty klassy.

    Rubygirl – i take home paper napkins and from the office, red pepper flakes, and stale corn chips no one else wants to eat that work just fine smashed as breading or baked into something.

    i’ve had some of the plastic lids like these i got at New Seasons a few years ago; they are all falling apart and they don’t have them there anymore 🙁 i would be willing to pay more for a product like this in vinyl that will last longer.

  • gansie July 23, 2010  

    question. stated above, im reusing old salsa jars, mustard jars, etc. im pretty sure the bottom glass is cool to be reused but i get nervous about the cap. it just doesnt seem like its made for this type of re-purposing.

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