Continuation: The Allure of the Twirl

Asparagus Pasta 1 (500 x 332)

It’s that fucking twirl. In March I identified that part of my pasta obsession revolved around the act of twirling. Twirling long strands around my fork and piling it into my mouth. In that March meal, Ricotta-ed Spinach with Noodle Onions and Parsnips, I omitted the pasta altogether and satisfied my twirl craving with butter-enveloped long, thin onion strands.

Last night, however, I doubled the twirl intake. I bought extra tall spring onions at the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market and decided they should not be chopped. I should honor their slender ways and keep them intact.

Spring Onion “Noodles” with Whole Wheat Capellini, Asparagus and Feta

Although I didn’t chop the onions horizontally, I did slice them in half long-ways. The bottom of the onion was more onion-like and I sliced that into rounds. But first, I boiled asparagus, shocked it, and cut it into pieces. In a pan with oil and butter I browned the onion-like rounds, then added the long onion strands to get soft, then added in the asparagus. I threw in 3 cloves of chopped garlic and lowered the heat.

When the whole wheat capellini was ready I used the spaghetti claw to grab the pasta, letting plenty of the pasta water drip into the pan with the onion mixture. I tossed everything together in the pan, including a ton of feta, butter, salt and pepper. When everything was incorporated, I poured it into a bowl, seasoned again with coarse sea salt and then set it on to plates.

I’m a saver. My brother and his girlfriend went to Italy maybe a year and a half ago. He brought me back a small bottle of what I’ve dubbed, finishing oil. Oil not to cook with, but to use as a topper. I finally deemed  a dish worthy of finishing oil. So with a shredding of parm and a drizzle of oil, the pasta and onion “pasta” was complete.

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  • erica June 9, 2010  

    i thought the darker color was wakame at first! onion noodles of any kind get a thumbs up from me (wakame would have also, though). i can’t wait ’til zucchinis are plentiful in the garden and i can have as much “noodles” as i want without the wheatache!

  • I just used zucchini as pasta for the first time as an experiment to try and find wheat alternatives. Definitely not the same but it was excellent. I’ve never tried onion noodles though. I wrote in my own blog post about it saying if someone likes eggplant Parmesan, they will probably like this too.

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