Fishing for a Good Title

Just a taste of what was available at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.  Gansie and I actually missed a lot of the good stuff, as they were shutting down when we arrived at 10:30 am.  Gansie blamed us for being late, but they don’t let tourists in for the good stuff anymore until after 9 am…so I blame other annoying tourists.  After the market, we ate at one of Tokyo’s hard to find, yes, hard to find sushi joints.  Best sushi (fine, nagiri) ever.  No pics of that however, sorry.

Asia Trip and Wedding 1 (500 x 332)

Asia Trip and Wedding 3 (500 x 332)

Asia Trip and Wedding 5 (500 x 332)

Asia Trip and Wedding 2 (500 x 332)

Asia Trip and Wedding 4 (500 x 332)

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  • gansie June 4, 2010  

    dude. so weird. so of course we’re like, “tokyo, we’re gonna eat raw fish every day!” and then we had the hardest time finding sushi restaurants. we ran into a aussie expat (lived in japan for 7 years now) and he explained it: “so you know how americans order pizza for delivery. that’s how japanese view sushi. it’s their take out food.”

  • Vicky March 14, 2012  

    Can’t wait to visit Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo!

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