Swallowing the Bone


I’m not known for leaving food on my plate. Or, when it comes to meat, on the bone. Whether it’s a fried chicken drumstick or a hearty pork chop, I can always be counted on to clean those bones clean before sending them back to the kitchen. But apparently, this is no longer good enough. Now you’ve got to eat the bones, too.

Not sure how many of you made it all the way to the end of our most recent epic comment of the week, in which reader Niki suggested this fun, very un-veggie snack:

ALSO, If this is something that interests you, some good fish bones fried are equally delicious! Find a good quality fish and clean/filet it. Leave some meat on the bones, then fry it as you would the shrimp!  Mmmm…

I might not have given this a second thought, except that it happened to be the second time in a few weeks that I heard mention of chowing on fried fish bones. A recent edition of Tasting Table NYC noted that fried fish bones are posed to become the city’s latest haute snack du jour:

It’s a moment that’s hard to forget. You’re at Fatty ‘Cue, Zak Pelaccio’s new Asian-barbecue spot, swooning over the whole grilled mackerel. As you finish the last bite, a waiter drops by and asks, “Do you want me to fry those bones for you?”

Why, yes, please do.

The bones are returned minutes later, accompanied by soy and chile dipping sauces. They’re as crunchy and delicate as potato chips–a revelation that gives new meaning to “fish fry.”

TT goes on to note that in addition to Fatty ‘Cue, at least three other New York restaurants are offering up fried fish bones.

Anyone tried this yet?

Interested? Revolted? Discuss.

(Photo: Wayan Vota)

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