Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Life is Tweet for Rick Bayless

rick bayless tweeting

The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– Funny, but if I was Tweeting when I should be busy doing my job, I’d be fired, not profiled by the Associated Press.  But then again I’m not Rick Bayless, and I’m not cooking for world leaders.

– All of a sudden, Rocco DiSpirito doesn’t seem like such a giant asshole!  At least he hasn’t tried to hire a homeless guy to kill his wife.

After the jump…go to school without putting on your pants, meet someone who watches more food TV than me and find out why Paula Deen is going to kill your kids.

– Who wants to go to Top Chef University?  Actually, it’s my safety school…I’m really hoping to get in to Hell’s Kitchen Vo-Tech.

– The Cook’s Den has a lot of time on its hands, ranking the top 100 cooking shows of all time.  You get an “A” for effort, but you’re going to need to stay after class for letting Down Home with the Neelys into the top 20.

Paula Deen is going to oversee a food program for Savannah schoolchildren?  Somewhere out there, Jamie Oliver is quietly sobbing.

(Photo: ehfisher)

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