100 Things to Do with a Banana

How many times has someone spotted excess, overripe or just unused bananas in your kitchen and said, “uh-oh, looks like it’s time to make banana bread!” — as if the only things possible to do with a banana are eat it or turn it into bread? Well we say “no more.” With no particular offense meant to anyone’s banana bread recipe, we believe the humble banana is in fact as versatile as bacon or eggs, and we’ve got the internets to prove it.

Here’s our carefully curated list of 100 Things to Do with a Banana (not including banana bread). Yes, we’ve got plenty of banana breakfasts and banana desserts, but how about some banana curry, banana soup or a banana martini? And don’t worry, there are — of course — a few ways to eat banana with bacon.

Click on the photos for full recipes.

3453245539_c03b92d8d7 almond-milk-bananas-1 Untitled 4381998016_d7812b43e4_o
banana bananas-and-chocolate bcp slice overview 2 Banana Buttermilk Pancakes
4554133901_a52886c728 Honey-1401-1024x682 banana-pudding 4478393443_8d5971f196
dsc00074a1 4492791684_9da0bf4573_o IMG_1631 chocolate-banana-tart-20
minimuffins4 20091205photo2 4428637288_1af111ff37 3515875895_5c39b4b714
6a00e55214e13b883301310f61cbe5970c-500wi img_4348 4334091960_3caf1ea4de 6a00d83451fa5069e2012876882f1d970c-800wi
candied-bananas 4172586192_d26a88c609_o Pound Cake Cupcakes 02 IMG_4570_thumb[3]
banana-drink-600-x-368 SSWF-BananaChocBacon3 food_1161_a banana-halva-large
bananapuff3 f-toast-es 4427523976_9002bb7e97_o 4542705513_03be109bfa
4473893605_fb403151b4 4401578411_c7aa2f503f full-pie-600-x-573 Picture-037
zucchiniballs1 roasted-banana-coconut-ice-cream rumbananas5 picture004kgr
mango-drink-3-600-x-409 3229401178_847e0efb68 curry2 retro-recipe-banana-meatloaf1
dsc_0435 blondiesdone_550 2 BananaPies-3
bananapeanut DSC02709 brownsugarpavlova 6a00e55015ee52883301156f6a8a66970b-500wi
3386613793_cc33e7938b supertoast_final1 bfbp5 panini_thumb[3]
0_416d9_c4218a3e_L IMG_1476 ButternutSquashSoup1 3696514446_99db7d5b20
3509759764_3c570cdcc7 banana ice cream bananaslices Fried Bananas2
IMG_0811 peanut_butter_caramelized_bananas_490 IMG_0462 3204188594_df17a9f38a
3040233373_8e605bd5e1 2828938152_67ac154760 dsc03469 banana
Banana Split 3144a Bananas with Split Green Peas 4265334664_ba0de203c1 DSC_2892
bananasplitpie Pork Chops with Banana and Bacon Bananas in Coconut Cream Toffee-Banana-Brownie.sflb
IMG_8664 banana passionfruit jam 6 2623512814_7cac4e59d4 banana-caramel-cupcakes-fro
IMG_5423p banana-brownies_03-400 cover2 banana corn dogs
pa0812_casserole_lg peach-blackberry-banana-smoothie-1-600-x-411 Kitchen Parade 2004 Banana Streusel Muffins 400 bacon banana
2009_08_19-IceCream02 banana martini sandwich-600-x-335 Open_Face_Ice_Cream_Sandwich_with_Caramelized_Bananas-490

From Bananas to Apples, 100 things to do with apples:

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  • Allison May 17, 2010  

    Great post, neat idea. Thanks for the link to my site, I appreciate the mention!

  • Nick May 17, 2010  

    I need to get my mind out of the gutter…

  • Rachael@SpachetheSpatula May 17, 2010  

    Thanks so much for including my Banana Chip Mini Muffins in your round-up!

  • dad gansie May 17, 2010  

    wow neat just made a batch of b muffins sub applesauce for butter and whole wheat flour

    now only 99 more to try

  • Debt Hater May 17, 2010  

    I love you and hate you for this roundup.

    Love you because I will probably cook my way through all of these before the end of the year and I am feeling joyous just thinking about it.

    Hate you because I was TRYING to cut back on the desserts because I gained some weight during the snow storms in the northeast (spent them making cookies and such!) and now I just can’t, knowing that I need to try all of these.

    Love or hate, thank you! And thanks to all the bloggers who posted these morsels.

  • Aggie May 17, 2010  

    Wow! what a great post! Thanks for including me in your list! πŸ™‚

  • What a great round up! I always have extra bananas, in fact I have a bag of them in my freezer right now!

    Here are some recipes that I’ve used in the past, perhaps you’ll like enough to add to the list:

    Bananas Foster Upside Down Cake = http://tinyurl.com/yjt7v68

    Nutella Banana Boat = http://tinyurl.com/2eo4wbh

    Roasted Banana Ice Cream = http://tinyurl.com/kvey4y

    Strawberry Banana Cream Pie = http://tinyurl.com/25p5jc4

  • Tan May 17, 2010  

    Thank you very much for including my Banana in coconut milk. Also for your informing email.
    Don’t know if you do interesting another banana recipe Called “Fried Bananas” This is famous dessert street food for foreigners. If interesting my pleasure to link to you with a picture too.

    Best Regards,

  • lalaine May 18, 2010  

    What an incredible list! Banana and bacon eggroll? Who knew.

    Thanks for including my recipe here, such a pleasure to be in such great company πŸ™‚

  • carole (bishy57) May 18, 2010  

    wow these all look awesome!

  • mom2my10 May 19, 2010  

    This is the most amazing post ever! The photos are spectacular and I can’t wait to peruse them. Definitely bookmarking this!

  • Crepes of Wrath May 19, 2010  

    Thanks for linking me! This looks like a phenomenal list; I can’t wait to make so many things from here!

  • Tracey May 19, 2010  

    Great post! I’ve always got a ton of bananas in my freezer and I’m excited to check out some new ideas.

    Thanks for including my smoothie!

  • Phil E. Drifter May 19, 2010  

    “How many times has someone spotted excess, overripe or just unused bananas in your kitchen and said, β€œuh-oh, looks like it’s time to make banana bread!””


  • averagebetty May 20, 2010  

    Great collection of banana recipes!

  • anonymous May 20, 2010  

    you for got you can stick them in your ass.. whats with that?

  • peachkins May 20, 2010  

    Thanks for including my recipes here… here’s another one


  • Bruce May 21, 2010  

    “How many times has someone spotted excess, overripe or just unused bananas in your kitchen and said, β€œuh-oh, looks like it’s time to make banana bread!””


  • Alex May 23, 2010  

    The thing is, I love banana bread. I don’t want to do anything else with ripe bananas.

  • J Morgan May 24, 2010  

    Wow – nice pics, yummy. But all I could think, after purusing the photos looking for a recipe that was raw and didn’t involve tons of sugar, flour and butter, was THIS is one of the reasons why Americans are so terribly overweight. Just eat the banana before it goes bad! Bananas are surprisingly perfect & delicious just the way they were grown. If they start to go off, freeze them and add them to your next whole food smoothie!

  • Jessica May 24, 2010  

    Great list! Check out a few recipes at Equal Exchange website – using Fair Trade, organic products (such as bananas, and chocolate)


  • Jun May 25, 2010  

    Thank you so much for including “Stewed Banana”. Those are great collection. Surprised of how many ways people around the world actually enjoy something as simple as banana.

  • Frieda May 25, 2010  

    I use mashed bananas in marinades for chicken and shrimp, with orange juice, soy sauce, oil and seasoning – then grill. Also throw them sliced into stir fries – a touch of sweetness is always appreciated in these dinners.

  • erica May 25, 2010  

    things i’d personally like to see 100 ways: cilantro, parsley, eggplant, cabbage. seriously, if parsley can be a main ingredient in tabouli, why can’t it be a main ingredient all the time? it’s delicious.

    (i’m lazy so i just freeze my overripe bananas and then food process the crap out of them for “ice cream”. )

  • erica May 25, 2010  

    oh one more: goat cheese 100 ways!!!

  • Anonymous Coward May 30, 2010  

    “100 Things to Do with a Banana” and all of them are food? Come on, this is the Internet.

  • Monica Cardone June 1, 2010  

    Wowo! It’s amazing and delicious.

  • Jo June 2, 2010  

    They go into our green smoothies…I eat one before going to the gym…they are an amazing super food!

  • Raffi June 5, 2010  

    You forgot “fuck it”. You can fuck a banana. Why didn’t that make the list?

  • claudia June 6, 2010  

    I had this in Argentina for dessert without the chocolate syrup. Once in a while I make it at home…


  • Not A Paper Cup June 8, 2010  

    lol. who could have imagined….awesome post !:)

  • Usha June 9, 2010  

    Fabulous roundup, I am looking forward to trying a lot of these banana recipes soon. Here is what I do sometimes to use up ripe bananas, I make this simple Indian style cardamom flavored banana fudge…… http://www.veginspirations.com/2009/07/banana-fudge-halwa.html

  • Jill June 14, 2010  

    Banana’s in coconut milk isn’t new, tis a very delicious Thai desert soup. Not your recipe ;]

  • Innox June 16, 2010  

    Mmm great collection, thank you)

  • Nona June 17, 2010  

    100 things and NONE of them are shuv em up your snatch?!?!?! Just how “inventive” are you!?! Hell, I’ve seen a chick use her mouth to mold it into the shape of the head of a dick and THEN shuv it up her who-ha!

  • carl June 17, 2010  

    For a literary banana extravaganza see Thomas Pynchon “Gravity’s Rainbow'” Pirate Prentise’s Banana Breakfast.

  • bill June 20, 2010  

    Bananas Foster

  • Cindy June 23, 2010  

    Wow! Great collection of recipes.Love the fact that it is even illustrated.

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  • Lori July 2, 2010  

    What’s wrong with banana bread….it’s the only way that you can blend them well enough to avoid the disgusting texture of bananas!

  • Andy July 2, 2010  

    1: take out the banana
    2: microwave the peel for 10 seconds
    3: fuck banana peel!

  • Charmaine July 3, 2010  

    Great list. I guess the list is endless.

  • rebecca July 26, 2010  

    i freakin hate bananas. so gross.

  • Pingback: Cocina Digital July 26, 2010  
  • Maids July 26, 2010  

    I’m intrigued by the savory recipes in particular.

  • jamila el ouirdi July 27, 2010  

    i know what i’m having for dinner

  • Louis July 29, 2010  

    Banana beer and banana bread beer πŸ™‚

  • Sydney July 29, 2010  

    This made BananaNeil a little too excited on blogTV πŸ™‚

  • rabi July 29, 2010  

    i hate this. i was looking for 100 things to physically do with a banana. not fuckin cook with it. who do you bitches think you are. i hate you. i hate bananas. and i hate matt. and i hate living with this website in my memory. how do you think that i am supposed to live, and look at another banana EVER without fuckin losing it. i don’t know. somebody, give me answers. my son is gay.

  • Hashim August 16, 2010  

    One simple recipe from my side using banana:

    Cut few banana in small pieces and put them in bowl. Now take some fresh cream and add sugar to it, blend it and pour it in your banana bowl. Keep in fridge for half an hour. Enjoy the great taste.

  • Karen August 25, 2010  

    My blog has a banana snack recipe. Here’s the link: http://changingtastes.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/banana-boats/

  • RisaG September 1, 2010  

    OMG I can’t believe you can do so many things with bananas. So many great ideas. I make muffins, french toast, and smoothies with them. A very ripe banana is not garbage to me but inspiration.

  • Azz Man September 8, 2010  

    I can think of another thing u can do with a banana…. in the bedroom! awwwwwwwww yeaaa!

  • Bananaboi September 8, 2010  

    aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww yyyeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

  • doug September 17, 2010  

    Seems my weekend will be full of bananas

  • skankasauros rex September 28, 2010  

    (in holes)

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  • Caitlin November 15, 2010  

    Another great way to use up some old bananas is to chop them into scrambled eggs. They give a great flavor to the eggs and have a fantastic texture. Serve with french toast for a totally rad breakfast.

  • gansie November 15, 2010  

    @ Caitlin. Um, what?!?! You add bananas into scrambled eggs? I need a detailed explanation before I vomit in my mouth. I can’t imagine this being good. But I am willing to listen.

  • Erin December 17, 2010  

    Thing 101: Put nasty bananas in the trashcan

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  • alibobwa January 26, 2011  

    I know it sounds strange but I wish I could make banana baby food like you buy from gerbers. it is so delicious and good when my tummy is upset.

  • Nick February 9, 2011  

    I mast try all of this

  • Sandy February 25, 2011  

    Those things look amazing!! My mouth is watering.. Yum Banana

  • Pingback: Beyond banana bread March 4, 2011  
  • Brenda April 1, 2011  

    OMG I can’t believe this. I was just starring at my brown bananas today and thought to myself….I wish I had a list of things to do with bananas because I am always throwing them away because I wait too long to eat them.

    So I hit my Stumble button because I am distracted from what I am supposed to do and I find this amazing list of 100 things to do with bananas?!?!?! I am so happy πŸ™‚ thank you!!!!

  • Mimi April 3, 2011  

    Love all the eye candy! Bananas are my not-so-secret weapon in the kitchen. My favorite trick is using them to replace eggs in cookie recipes!

    I also love more simple adaptations… Such as banana + peanut butter quesadillas! http://pursuitofhealthfulness.com/2011/02/27/so-long-friend/

  • Dan April 13, 2011  

    Carrot curry with bananas. The banans sweeten the dish. http://www.haggisandherring.com/2011/04/carrot-curry.html

  • jamie April 17, 2011  

    bananas foster

  • fajas colombianas April 27, 2011  

    Banana smoothies and banana crepes are quite popular here in our country. Now that banana with scrambled egg idea is something new.

  • Carlyle May 11, 2011  

    Carly Pagel loves bannanas

  • Carlyle May 11, 2011  


  • jamimom May 19, 2011  

    This is a great listing. We always have leftover bananas, and I am getting sick of Choc Chip Banana bread, thanks for putting this together, it rocks. Can’t wait to look at the other pages listed too! Too bad I have to get some work done right now, dang it! Thanks again!

  • Tahaha July 4, 2011  

    Yet it doesn’t have “practice using condoms”.

  • Ruby Burks July 10, 2011  

    The open face banana and p/nut butter sandwich took me back to my childhood. My mother would make this sandwich on Saturdays for us. What a surprise to know it spans the generations.

  • KittyKat August 1, 2011  

    I prefer cucumbers in the bedroom myself! SOOOO Much BIGGER!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer August 16, 2011  

    I LOVE bananas, so glad i have come across this page, always looking for ideas of what to do with them. The photos are simply yummilicious!!!!! And i just may have to try the scrambled eggs and banana, sounds good in my books. Thank you for this!!!

  • Amanda September 5, 2011  

    Wow that is a lot of things to do with a banana. Haha. I love bananas so I am so going to try some of these things!

  • Sara February 7, 2012  

    I love bananas and i am so glad that i founds this lit. My next party is going to be a hit

  • Cliff February 21, 2012  

    Oh my, that’s a lot of banana dishes. Though I like banana(its healthy), but even that’s too much for me.

  • _SHIMOKUTA_ February 24, 2012  

    Banana? OMG…. that is my favorite food…. if you? I will cook BANANA SHAKE Because it is healthy and it give energy to our body………… THANK YOU……….

  • Evan March 28, 2012  

    Second recipe from left in top row – Homemade Almond Milk with Bananas and Honey – has a problem. Click on the link and sometimes you get the recipe. And other times you get an article titled “10 Top Sex Scandals.” Any chance you can correct this or change the recipe?

  • BS March 29, 2012  

    @Evan – weird! that is not happening for me….willcheck into this

  • John June 28, 2012  

    This is the worst list ever. It is not a list, but a series of pictures with no descriptions. Utter crap.

  • Banana luver November 13, 2012  

    This SHIT is BANANAS! B A N A N A S!!

  • Fern March 29, 2013  

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    history to the holidays. Although they are
    a beautiful and calming sight, making sugarcraft
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  • BeautyQueen April 8, 2013  

    @azzman That is disgusting Children come on this site
    You deserve to be thrown into a cell for the rest of your

  • best tv to buy April 19, 2013  

    Wow…love banana….

  • Benefits of Banana June 18, 2013  

    I always eat a banana after my workout session. It gives me lots of energy.
    Great article πŸ™‚

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  • Chalae December 2, 2013  

    The fifteenth picture from the starting, its hyperlink doesn’t want to work, it sends it to another link about web marketing, could you please fix this?

  • Chickie January 26, 2015  

    Where is bananna bread with fresh bananas?

  • Dana W April 5, 2015  

    Why do you say 100 things to do with ‘A’ banana, implying that these would be recipes using a single banana. That was extremely misleading and quite frankly dishonest. I needed recipes using a SINGLE banana, due to your title I thought I would find that here, however I did not. I was disappointed and mislead. I think you should call this, 100 things to do with a ridiculous amount of bananas because thats what you have here is recipes for people who keep bunches of bananas in their homes, which I find bizarre. So you can go back to your grocery shopping for only bananas and cooking for your children recipes that only involve bananas, which i reiterate is bizarre, and I will continue my search for normal banana consumers. Good day.

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