Look Who’s Eating! Political Pundit Edition

David Brooks

ES’ edible paparazzi strike again…

Washington, DC: Maids and her colleague walk by BLT Steak.  Maids makes eye contact with David Brooks(!) who is just sitting there eating at BLT like it’s the most normal damned thing in the world for a famous political pundit to be sitting on the patio of a lunchtime hangout chowing down on fries and such.

Maids’ Colleague (new DC resident): Oh My God!
Maids: I know!
Maids’ Colleague: Those popovers look unbelievable.
Maids: Oh. I thought you were oh-my-godding David Brooks.

Wherever you are in the world, if you spy a famous eater, be a creep and send us your pics!

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  • Keilan May 11, 2010  

    I’m with the “colleague” who cares about David Brooks when you have the drool worthy BLT popovers staring you in the face!

  • Nee Nee May 11, 2010  

    OMG! Is David posing for the camera?

  • Maids May 12, 2010  

    Not precisely posing. I had to convince my colleague to double back with me, explaining that I have friends who collect pictures of famous-for-DC people eating. Then I made her stand in front of me but slightly to the side as I awkwardly pretended to dial on my blackberry while holding the device at a very unusual vertical angle. Then I snapped the pic with my blackberry. fully convinced he knew what I was doing. I’m sure it was embarrassing both for David and for me.

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