• Jillian April 28, 2010  

    Uni on avocado with a tidge of wasabi on top?

  • dad gansie April 28, 2010  

    Lips of who/ what??

    The green base is too big for avacado or kiwi
    I give up on that; the rest looks like a bread crumb fried taco with the fork press marks and a paste topping of base vegetable
    is it a fish taco??
    Anyway the pedestal dish is neat

  • erica April 28, 2010  

    tongue. or sea creature.

  • Emily April 28, 2010  

    Sea urchin roe.
    And I don’t know what else.

  • Tara@whatwechow April 30, 2010  

    I’m going with codfish roe….with wasabi…

  • Tracy April 30, 2010  

    Is the bit on the bottom a slice of unskinned pineapple?

  • Tracy May 3, 2010  

    Sea Urchin with cucumber and some wasabi

  • BS May 4, 2010  

    a slice of cucumber topped with some kind of spicy sashimi and a walnut puree

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