Taco Topping Revealed


Well maybe this one was not as crazy as I thought. While I loved your guesses of pickled daikon radish, sauerkraut, curried onions and more, a bunch of you, starting with our own ML, guessed that my mystery taco topping was in fact spaghetti squash.

Finishing up the winter squash season, the veggie gf and I baked up a butternut squash (fine, I’ll admit, we microwaved it — but almost every recipe online says to do it that way!) And it only takes like ten minutes. Our first use was for some faux sesame noodles —spaghetti squash mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil,  rice vinegar, crushed red pepper,  sesame seeds and a little sugar—it was delicious, but if you’ve ever made an S squash before, you know we had about two pounds leftover.

The next night was taco night — green peppers, onions, black beans and mushrooms — so we thought, why not add in the squash? We mixed up the remaining squash with some chili powder and threw it on top of the taco.

Judging by your guesses, l suppose you all weren’t as shocked by my creativity as I was myself, but I was pretty proud of this idea! It added a wonderful crunch to otherwise standard veggie tacos.

How else do you all use up the smorgasbord that results from cooking a while spaghetti squash? Other ideas out there?

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