It’s a Baby-Off!

With a staggering 2,146 votes cast in the first round of our cutest eater contest, it’s finally time to find out which eater is the cutest of them all. Two of our tots were head and shoulders above their messy, cake-stained competition, with Nathan and Victoria each logging 500+ votes. So, it’s time for a baby-off, with bonus pictures of each of our final-finalists.


nathan nathan2 nathan3


victoria 159a 179a

Voting is open until Friday, March 19th — you can vote once per day.

Update: Your cutest eater in the world is…

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  • John March 15, 2010  

    Go Victoria go, we Love you.

  • Patsy Hutchison March 15, 2010  

    Victoria… the star!!

  • Pamela Graves March 16, 2010  

    Go Victoria, you are adorable!!!!

  • Gina March 16, 2010  

    Any little girl that digs into her food like that when she’s all dolled up deserves to win.

  • Patsy Hutchison March 16, 2010  

    SUCH a beautiful little girl… even with food from head to toe!

  • Brian March 16, 2010  

    Nathan – Buddy you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon March 17, 2010  

    Nathan you are a cutey! The picture with the cookie in his mouth and fast asleep is just way too funny!

  • Faye Blake March 17, 2010  

    Victoria, you’re so precious!

  • Patsy Hutchison March 17, 2010  

    Go! Go! Victoria!!

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  • Patsy Hutchison March 18, 2010  

    What a sweet little girl!!

  • Grandma March 18, 2010  

    Nathan, what a handsome and cheerful baby boy you are! You light up our lives every day with your cute little giggles and toothy smiles. Love Grandma and Grandpa xoxo
    Good luck little one.

  • Christine March 18, 2010  

    Am I the only one who thinks that having over 3,000 votes is a little strange? Come on now is it that good of a cookbook? Let’s just not vote anymore for anybody.

  • Linda March 18, 2010  

    We are still routing for our cutie pie Nathan.
    Go Nathan Go !!!
    Frank , Linda and Rusty too 🙂

  • Patsy Hutchison March 19, 2010  

    Victoria, win or lose you will always be a beautiful star!

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  • Shirley March 19, 2010  

    Nathan & Victoria:
    May the Best Man Win!!!!!
    You both are precious!

  • Howling Mad Murdoch March 19, 2010  

    Christine, you are right there is something wrong. There is a glitch in the systemwhere you can vote more than once a day; as a matter of fact you can vote over a thousand times a day. So it is possible for someone to stack the votes in their favor. I am not saying anyone did but since it is possible and there was not but 500 votes to get to here it does make one wonder. To bad though if it had been a fair contest it might have been between different players. 3,210 votes they must know the glitch in Mozilla or they know a lot of people and if they knew that many people why wasn’t the number to get here higher? But hey anything is possible. Should I bid someone up over 5,000 to show everyone?

  • Dr. Seuss March 19, 2010  

    One fish,blue fish,red fish,CHEATER.

  • Buzz Lightyear March 19, 2010  

    Bid him up to infinity and beyond

  • Clint Eastwood March 19, 2010  

    Howling Mad – If you know how to go up 5,00 votes than do it and stop your whining.

  • Elmer March 19, 2010  

    You people are arguing over a baby contest? Must be future hockey mom’s……

  • Buubles March 19, 2010  

    Ricky – Get a load of these little sloppy eating messy faced kiddies. Reminds of Fat Randy when he was a fat burger eating baby.

  • Howling Mad Murdoch March 19, 2010  

    Ok Mr. Clint Eastwood I just gave Nathan 100 more votes, keep an eye on his numbers. 😉

  • Howling Mad Murdoch March 19, 2010  

    Oh Mr. Eastwood another 100 votes for Nathan,oh and I was not whining, just proving it is rigged. Yes folks thats right the fix is in.

  • Christine March 19, 2010  

    It’s no a baby off it’s a rip off. Howlin is right it is rigged. Why are they letting it continue?

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