Can you tell stories?

Can you swear?

Can you get pisted about things like lettuce served under buffalo wings?

Can you cook?

Can you dedicate some time to Endless Simmer?

If you’ve got something to say about food, drinks, food TV, food-like products, or really anything even remotely food-related, holler at us. We’re always looking to add some new voices to the ES stew. As you may have noticed, we’re doing this for the love, not the money, so unfortunately there’s no pay. But you do get the chance to put your words in front of thousands of hungry readers every day. Interested in joining the team? Shoot us an email (info@endlesssimmer.com) with your first post.

(Photo: The Hamster Factor)

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  • Andrew March 8, 2010  

    I am not sure I can get “pisted” about anything.

  • gansie March 8, 2010  

    @andrew – then you are clearly not from south jersey!

  • gansie March 8, 2010  

    (which is not a requirement for writing for ES)

  • Bishop Ed Vazquez March 8, 2010  

    HELP !!!! Does anybody know of good Resturant that serves a good Lobster Thermadore?
    In the Los Angeles or Glendale airia.

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