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bacon donut

dad gansie is not buying this crazy avocado story:

Come on SS. Are you pulling our legs?? Yea, some Rock hard ones have lasted for a few weeks, never 6-7. Try the kale cover again. Maybe you’ll be a new famous inventor.

Guess that one is still a mystery.

Alex takes an early lead in the craziest donut contest:

Lightly glazed plain donut (whole wheat flour? Can you do that? For fiber) filled with creme de brie and homemade, fresh blueberry jam. The glaze is largely for sticking the crushed hazelnut topping to the donut. It’s kind of like a personal-sized baked brie.

And the rest of you, what, already have your dream donut? All you have to do is post your dream donut combo in the comments here for a chance to win a $60 Dunkin’ Donuts gift certificate.

– Finally, Mike wants you to leave his hot dogs just the way they are, thank you very much:

I think there is a basic evolutionary principle here: choke to death on a hot dog, don’t get to pass your genes on to the next generation. why fuck with that?

But eli doth protest our snark:

umm, hot dog deaths are actually really sad. when i was visiting St Elizabeths in 2001 for an internship, there were 2 people that choked on hotdogs and died that semester. happens a lot in nursing homes and hospitals. y’all are callous.

(Photo: optionthis)

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