All We Know: It’s Crackling

It’s Saturday and 80 and I are piling on layers of clothes to go play in the snow. (If you’re into counting: 2 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of socks, a long sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, a hoodie and a long, thick woolly sweater, plus a water-proof jacket, gloves and a dalmatian print fleece headband/ear warmer.)

Amidst the Christmas Story-style preparation, I get an email from Dad Gansie. It has an attachment. I assume it’s snow related, as South Jersey was also hit with almost two feet of snow.

I should have known better. The video featured a mysterious casserole dish that, according to my father is, “crispin'” and “cracklin.'” I have no effing idea what it is, but I do know I forgot to wish my MomMom (grandmother) a happy birthday.

Any guesses out there?

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  • 80 Proof February 9, 2010  

    I’m going with some sort of Potato dish. Maybe au gratin.

  • dad gansie February 9, 2010  

    It was modified mac and cheese. We used farfel bow tie noodels, milk,shredded mozzarella cheese, Swiss , shaved some peccerino ramono on top to put under the broiler
    it was tasty, first and not the last time making it not from the box

  • robyn February 9, 2010  

    that sounds delicious! I like the blue casserole dish:)

  • Chef March 12, 2011  

    Crispy pork fat?

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