Drinking Snowpocalypse


Snow! Snow! Snow!

That’s really all anyone can say around DC. And I’m sure the rest of the country is sick of hearing about our snow-blanketed city.

But I’ve been taking full advantage of our weather, particularly by ingesting it.

My friends Tim and Alice had people over to welcome the blizzard and during multiple email exchanges, Liza reply-ed all that we should make snow ice cream.

I thought she was kidding, akin to finding a (snow)man chilling on your neighbor’s yard and finally seeing (snow)angels in heaven. Then Alice provided a link. Holy crap! How do I not know about this!

Of course, we wouldn’t be satisfied with just snow ice cream for our snowpocalypse party – we had to incorporate booze.


Snow Cocktail

Place a clean bowl outside. Let it fill with snow. Add in milk, sugar, vanilla extract and a coffee liqueur, we like Kahlua or Starbucks brand.

Snow also works as an ice substitute, with drinks such as a Beam and Coke.

PS–Did I mention we’re getting another snow storm!

Find more cocktail recipes in Endless Cocktails

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  • BS February 8, 2010  

    genius. I always used to eat snow when I was a little kid (and sometimes now) but had never thought about adding Beam to it.

  • erica February 9, 2010  

    wait.. is reply-ed different from replied?

    when i was a kid we’d get a bowl of snow and put orange juice concentrate on it. we were sooo klassssay.

  • dad gansie February 10, 2010  

    Ganie’s poetic license to re-spell relpied….

    maybe too much spiked snow

    be careful es’ers

  • dad gansie February 10, 2010  

    Ps. T &A Nice glasses too

  • Tim February 10, 2010  

    Thanks. What’s a home w/o snifters and stemless martini glasses?

  • Alice February 10, 2010  

    Thank you! We do love those glasses! And thanks to Allison for reminding us all about snow ice cream!

  • erica February 11, 2010  

    i was just curious… sometimes i miss new cultural things.

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