Top 10 New Things to Put in Your Drink

5. Okra

More than just garnish: Benito's okratini.

Classic New Orleans bars have long slipped okra juice into their bloody Marys; lately we’ve seen the whole okra replacing celery as a bloody Mary garnish at the Ace Hotel NY‘s new Breslin Bar and Dining Room, and perhaps more ambitiously, as the basis of blogger Wine by Benito’s amazing Okratini. (Photo: Wine by Benito)

4. Smoked Coke

Poor Coca-Cola keeps getting pushed out of classic cocktails to make room for all these fancy-pants ingredients, but don’t cry for it yet — chefs have found a way to class up the brown stuff, smoking cola syrup over wood before mixing it into drinks, as in the Hobo’s Cola at Baltimore’s new B&O American Brasserie. (Photo: B&O)

3. Maple Syrup

Vanilla, ginger and orange bitters join the maple syrup in the Nooner at The Drawing Room in Chicago.

Forget simple syrup — several of the best cocktails we’ve tasted recently go with the real deal — gooey Vermont maple syrup. Red Star Tavern in Portland, Oregon mixes it into the Whiskey-based Applejack Rabbit; Chicago’s The Drawing Room serves a Maker’s Mark-maple-ginger-vanilla-orange concoction known at The Nooner; and perhaps most lethally, the Miss American Pie served at Alibi in Boston drops it in with Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest and apple vodka. Check out more maple-based recipes at The Kitchn. (Red Star photo: Lemmy Cooper, Nooner: The Drawing Room)

2. Figs

You don’t get much more meal-in-a-cup than mixing sweet/savory figs into your cocktail. Acadia in Portland, Oregon amps up their Old Fashioned with both fig infused bourbon and fig molasses, while Brooklyn’s The General Greene offers the Old Fig — bourbon, bitters, fig puree and orange. Mark Sexauer’s Cocktail Blog has instructions on whipping up a fig puree at home.  (Photo: Mookie Luv)

1. Egg Yolks

Yolk-y drinks like Umamimart's Jupiter Flip are showing up on cocktail menus around the country.

If the most widespread drinking trend of 2009 was throwback egg white cocktails, then the biggest food trend had to be putting a runny fried egg on top of every dish. But why use the whites in drinks and save those beautiful yolks just for food? Bars like Chicago’s the Violet Hour and New York’s Milk & Honey are already adding whole eggs to their cocktails, a move we’re hoping to see more of this year. Check out Umamimart for a primer from Paystyle on Flip drinks, classic cocktails that don’t let the yolk play second fiddle. (Photo: Vanessa Bahmani)

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