It’s Ice Cream Season Somewhere


It’s time for a long overdue report from my trip this fall to Puerto Rico. The beaches were great, the music was captivating, people were friendly, but I’m sure you know I was mostly just there for the food.

It’s well known that these people can do amazing things with plantains, but I was more impressed and surprised by their many creative uses of corn. Nearly every crowded street corner and popular beach has a vendor selling sorullitos—tiny, tasty little fried cornmeal sticks, sometimes plain, sometimes filled with cheese, always to be dipped in that Puerto Rican delicacy Ariel mentioned yesterday: MayoKetchup. Then of course there are also the omnipresent arepas, corn cakes stuffed with meat or cheese, available both in fancy restaurants and at many street vendors for a dollar or two.

But I was most taken with what you see above: corn ice cream. Seriously! Rex Cream, a little ice cream parlor in the western town of Mayaguez, makes this crazy concoction, which is sweet, with just a little crunch of cornmeal in it, and liberally topped with cinammon.

Feed Us Back: What’s the craziest ice cream you’ve ever eaten?

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  • Britannia January 15, 2010  

    I made Beetroot Ice Cream a few months back, that was pretty weird.

  • dad gansie January 17, 2010  

    When we all booking the trip!!!!????

  • JoeHoya January 18, 2010  

    Dijon ice cream, hands down. They put a scoop into your bowl before pouring gazpacho over it at Poste during the summer. That was what inspired me to get an ice cream maker.

    Since then, I’ve made David Liebovitz’s Roquefort and Honey ice cream with some walnuts blended in and it was pretty amazing.

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  • Krispy March 5, 2012  

    BEST and also on the strangest list for me was avocado icecream. I was almost afraid to try it, but the oils from the avocado made it super rich and delicious thanks to my culinary friends at NSCC

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