Cooking at the Consumer Electronics Show


We can’t let the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas go by unnoticed. We here at ES still choose the iPhone over Google’s entry into the smart phone world, Nexus One, but we’re not for passing up an opportunity to talk about some sexy kitchen toys. I’ve found (from my office desk, not Vegas 🙁 ) the funkiest and perhaps most useless kitchen items to ever grace the earth currently.

MyDemy (above) is to cooks what Kindle is to avid readers: an all in one recipe book, timer, conversion chart and ingredient substitution thingy. It’s “kitchen safe” which basically means you can splash a few drops of water on it and you’ll be fine, just don’t drop it in a pot of boiling oil.

The MyDemy does seem like a great tool for storing all of your personal recipes (if the Kindle were color and had pictures I’d already be an owner of such a device). At $299 the MyDemy seems slightly overpriced considering it appears to only sync with its website Key Ingredient.  If I were to really make use of this then I would need to have hundreds of recipes, which I don’t really have. Even if I did, it would take me years to type them all out. Perhaps MyDemy 2.0 will interface with Epicurious and then we’d be good to go.


food’s Expiration Date Reminder from AXIS Technology Co., wow, what can I say, this is perhaps the most pathetic device I’ve seen. If anyone actually needs this device then they deserve to eat out-of-date food. The timer appears to promote itself as a health- and environmentally- conscious device, enabling you to save your food and save the environment by not wasting food. But seriously, do we really need one of these? Are we going to stick one of these on every item we have in the fridge? I couldn’t find a price for this which is just as well, it would just give me one more thing to bitch about.


I’m British, I’m all about double deckers, it’s what we do best. The Technosonic Double Deck Toaster Oven I can get behind, even the name sounds cool… Say it, Technosonic Double Deck Toaster Oven. This thing has endless possibilities, do you want to toast one piece of bread, ok, which oven do you put it in?! It boggles your mind!

I’ve seen a couple of contradicting comments for the oven, a few saying that it doesn’t cook in both ovens at the same time and others saying it does, including the manufacturer, so we’ll go with that explanation. I’m not a toaster oven kinda guy but at $149 this beauty might make me a converter.


This final device, if it works as well as it claims, makes me want to wet my pants. How cool is the Stoov by Mathieu Baele. An electromagnetic, touchscreen, light flashing, heat resistant rubbery disk of heat. It’s a remote stove, get it, stoov. No longer are the days of camping with a crappy gas stove, throw this thing onto the side of a pot and away we go, bubbling hot water. Not only is this cool for outside use but for entertaining this will certainly be a conversation piece. No idea on price, but I want one.

If you know of any other cool devices—or not—at CES,  let us know.

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  • BS January 8, 2010  

    ooooh. I’m ready to make sweet, boiling love to that stoov.

  • gansie January 8, 2010  

    you need to win a comment of the week spot for this one

  • Heather January 8, 2010  

    the MyDemy looks awesome!

  • GC/DC January 13, 2010  

    My iPhone can do all that, plus make phone calls, surf the net, play mafia wars, poach eggs, torch creme brulee & make green shamrock shaped pancakes.

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