The Top 10 ES Posts of 2009

Yay! It’s lazy editors week on ES! Which is a perfect time for you to catch up on any simmer you might have missed this year. Our Top 10 most-read posts of 2009:

10. Cupcake Ice Cream Cones


Cute kids and dessert. Two things that never get old.

9. Jacques Torres Shows How to Make a Chocolate Sculpture


Brooklyn’s chocolate god shows us how it’s done.

8. Pittsburgh vs. Arizona Super Bowl Food-Off


A strong showing from Primanti Brothers leads Iron City into the Endless Eaters Hall of Fame.

7. Top 10 Food Finds at the Iowa State Fair


Keep frying, America. Keep frying.

6. This random photo of an unamused cookie monster


Never underestimate the power of an angry muppet.

5. The Top 10 Drinks Only America Could Have Invented


Because you need something to drink with corn dogs and s’mores.

4. The Top 10 Top 10 Food Lists

Our top 10 list features a top 10 list of top 10 lists. Most meta food blog ever.

3. Top 10 Halloween Cakes


No reason why you can’t make a black spider or zombie fingers cake for New Year’s, too.

2. 100 Ways to Use a Stick of Bacon


ES takes link-whoring to new heights; ditto for our collective blood pressure.

1. 100 Ways to Cook an Egg


Bacon is dead! Long live eggs!

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One comment

  • dad gansie December 30, 2009  

    Wow what a year … Can’t believe all that simmering has gone by…
    Are 100 ways for eggs enough for Gansie??
    Neat set of pics and recipes

    what would Micheal Pollan author of Omnivore’s Dilemma think???

    To All ES’ers. Have a fun and safe new years eve

    Happy and Especially Healthy New Year too!!!

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