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Chanukah is early this year, starting on December 12 and lasting for eight days. There’s not too much time to shop for those abiding by the light of the menorah. So while all you Jesus-folk can procrastinate and scoop up last minute sales, those celebrating Chanukah need to hurry it up.

And I have a present for the grill master in your family. I super, super hate cleaning. And when there’s a way to make cleaning just slightly more entertaining, I’m all about it. When the dudes behind Grill Daddy sent me some press info and a sample, I couldn’t wait to clean that damn, dirty grill. Fine, I actually could wait. I made DAD GANSIE clean.

Here’s DAD GANSIE on the Grill Daddy.

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  • dad gansie December 8, 2009  

    hi es’ers it does work nice and easy

    have a fun and safe holiday season, with some good simmering mixed in too

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