A Celebrity Only DC Could Love


I don’t know about you, but I won’t be cooking much this week.  DAD GANSIE sent me back with a shit ton of left overs: pureed squash with sage and goat cheese (that was stuffed into phyllo dough triangles), mashed potatoes, stuffing, Thai curry sweet potato soup (pureed sweet potatoes with turkey stock, lime juice and Thai curry paste), pumpkin pie, chocolate moose and a slice of pizza (of course we ordered in on Sunday night after days and days of cooking and rewarming of old food.)

Anyway, these are photos I snapped of “DC celebrity” Ezra Klein of the Washington Post and the The Internet Food Association. He moderated a discussion with David Sax, author of “Save the Deli.”

Maids and I attended the event at the 6th and I Historic Synagogue last month (and am also thinking about going to this week’s food event). Anyway, we were gonna post this great blog about Jewish delis and Maids was going to position it through a Sephardic lens (re: falafel and hummus and general vegetarianism), but, um, yea, all we got around to was showing Mr. Klein stuffing his face with a black and white cookie.

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