Pardon Our Turkey Dust


Hey ES-ers! Your favorite food blog will be trying on some new looks this Thanksgiving weekend, so please don’t freak out if things start to look a little different around these parts. ES will be back to normal (but looking slightly more fabulous) next week, and ready to hear all about your face-stuffing weekend adventures.

If you’re still looking for T-day inspiration, check out A Procrastinator’s Thanksgiving (bad chefs!) or listen to our turkey cooking ideas on the ES podcast (now available on iTunes!)

(Photo: ~sage~)

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  • Brian November 26, 2009  

    Delhi makes all of my boogers black. I know that has nothing to do with eating (to most of us), but if I have to miss out on stuffing and mashed potatoes this year, ruining everyone’s appetite will somehow assuage my anger/depression.

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