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– Everybody loves scrapple! (seriously), and everyone’s got their own way of eating it. Don:

Have to make some soon. I cut them between 1/4? and 1/2?, lightly flour to help in creating a nice crust. Medium heat in a lightly oiled skillet until both sides are nicely browned. Delicious! Matches up nicely with eggs of any style but try this next time: scrapple, eggs and grits – yes, GRITS (cheesy grits are best) – a great combination!

Kenneth Moore:

I do love me some scrapple… But I’m mostly vegetarian now. It would take something quite drastic for me to bend so far as to eat scrapple, but it used to be one of my secret delights! My preferred use is about half as thick as yours, TVFF. I like crunch in my meat. :P Then, stack it on an english muffin with an egg, maybe some cheese (and a bit of syrup does make it yummy, yes!). Anything is better encased in carbs!


If you travel in and around the Lancaster, PA area (PA Dutch/German epicenter), the scrapple is served with syrup. You cut those pancakes/waffles up, mix in the cut up scrapple (or bacon or sausage), then pour syrup over the whole mess. That’ll stick to yer ribs!

– modoo works the fifth borough into our Ultimate NYC Hot Dog Crawl:

Skippy’s on Hylan Blvd on Staten Island. It’s a truck, so its not always there. The only better is Nathans.

– And the Washington side of ES has plenty to say about changes in DC’s gayborhood – join the convo!

(Photo: John Donges)

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  • Mal November 15, 2009  

    My god do I love Scrapple (especially RAPA Scrapple from the good ol’ Eastern Shore). I slice a 1/4 inch slice, pan fry it up nice and crispy, and serve it with scrambled eggs.

    As a matter of fact, I think that’ll be my breakfast today.

  • gansie November 15, 2009  

    where do you get good scrapple in the DMV?

  • Joe B. July 18, 2011  

    Try a Jalish Dog, turns any dog into a gourmet Sir Dog yes! The Original Mr. Jalish Jalapeno Relish. No fillers, ups or downs , just all natural.

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