Friday Fuck Up: Soup and Salad Combination From Hell


It’s been a long time. In fact, so long that I thought we’ve moved past the horrors of inedible food. But just as we neared Halloween, I got the shit scared out of me. I made something so foul, so ugly, so smelly, all I could do was photograph it and make something else for dinner.

Because I refuse to let go of summer, I bought about 6 tomatoes at the farmers market. I could have embraced the new cold weather and its bounty of orange hued goodness, but if there’s tomatoes out—I’m buying. MISTAKE.

After a week on my dining room table I finally got around to putting them to use. Cutting away the rotten parts, I chopped the tomatoes and dropped them in a pan with a shallot and 5 minced cloves of garlic. I had already made a quick, and quite delicious, Ten Minute Tomato Soup, so with the last tomatoes until June 2010, I wanted to create something different.

Conveniently decomposing in my fridge was a 3/4 eaten salad from Chop’t. Usually salads can not be saved, with the dressing making its components soggy. But I thought, maybe if I buzz this spinach salad around in a food processor I can stir it into some baked egg dish. Yea. That’s it.

Except that would be way too normal. Well, normal for me. While the tomatoes were simmering, I blended my salad. It wasn’t until after I added it into the soup that I realized this was a remarably terrible idea. Let me tell you what was in that salad.

I created the Chop’t do-it-yourself: Spinach, chickpeas, beets, goat cheese and the killer, chopped hard boiled egg (with a Dijon vinegrette). It made a fantasic salad. But after a few days melding in the fridge, it was not so pretty in the soup.

It was actually quite hideous. And it smelled rotten. Even 3 rounds of extra salt couldn’t help it.

I finally congratulated myself. Friday Fuck Ups are back.

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  • dad gansie November 6, 2009  

    Sounds like a Friday FU winner. You couldn’t get 80P to try it I hope you don’t FU my nj home grown toms too !!!
    Not sue if my last batch of green toms will be around for gansie for turkey day hoilday cooking adventures

    have a fun and safe turkey day hoilday. Working on your brining???

  • BS November 6, 2009  

    wow, that is some ballsy cooking. You should serve it was chips and call it a salsa. No one has to know there’s hard-boiled eggs and spinach in there.

  • Summer November 6, 2009  

    The soup looks like a dip more than soup. It doesn’t look bad, but I’ll trust you that it smelled and tasted horrible.

    Y’know, even after more than a year of living in Florida, I still can’t wrap my head around the craziness of the growing seasons here. Over the summer, it seems it’s too hot for tomatoes, but within the last two weeks the farmer’s markets have finally yielded local tomatoes. How weird is that, to wait until November for fresh, local tomatoes? For that matter, how weird is it that my local farmer’s market shuts down in late spring and doesn’t reopen until mid-October? For a girl raised in DC, it seems VERY weird.

    So Gansie, if you want some good tomatoes, USAirways has frequent direct flights from National to Tampa….

  • erica November 6, 2009  

    I <3 Friday Fuck Ups!

  • tvff November 7, 2009  

    That’s horrendous. It looks like your garbage disposal backed up.

  • dad gansie November 9, 2009  

    summer gansie takes some good home grown NJ best tom now i’m making green tom soup had to take in balance of crop before freeezing last week i add a bunch of stuff

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