Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


– Thanks everyone for all the great pumpkin recipes. I’m especially intrigued by Breda‘s:

Someone brought a baked pumpkin to a potluck dinner I hosted. Basically carve off the top but keep it as a lid and I’m not too sure on quantities/timings but cinnamon, brown sugar and almonds were thrown into the pumpkin and pop the pumpkin into the oven with the lid on for a “long” time and then scoop out the pumpkin and serve as a sweet side…….it was really good!

Woah! Keep the pumpkin ideas coming, please!

– Meanwhile, Summer catches the important details in Michelle Obama’s Iron Chef debut:

Clearly Michelle favors Mario — she picked her dress to match his trademark orange clogs. Can’t say I blame her. I love him too.

– Finally, Joel has the last say on the Top 10 food finds at the Iowa State Fair:

What’s wrong with canned chicken? It’s the tuna of the land.

Well said.

(Photo: NYT)

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