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Thanksgiving may be more than a month away, but the ES commenters have already begun planning for their turkey prep .  The consensus is that brining the bird is the way to go.  And the benefits of that salty bath go beyond juicy meat, according to Summer:

Brined turkeys don’t simply yield the most succulent, delicious meat — they make awesome gravy, too. Just remember that the drippings will be salty, so don’t add any extra salt, and use plain water rather than broth. All it will need is a little bit of fresh-ground pepper. I make gravy right in the roasting pan, just whisking in flour and warm water.

Republican Congressmen aren’t the only ones imagining that “Muslim spies” are infiltrating our most cherished national institutions.  Jeb pointed out some suspicious looking characters among the creepy Halloween foods:

I thought, at first glance, the Mummy Dogs were Taliban Dogs…is that weird?

It seems that our very own Brittania has some strong feelings about the relative quality of the glossy cooking magazines:

We lost he likes of Gourmet and the potential downsizing of Bon Appetit for the likes of FN Magazine- Food Magazine for Dummies.

(Photo: emotionaltoothpaste)

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