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Desperation, if nothing else, leads to creativity. After ML shared with us her oatmeal in a coffee pot creation, we’re particularly impressed with some of your culinary inspiration:

Jessica Joens:
When I was studying abroad in Russia my roommate and I were so desperate for spaghetti with red sauce we made spaghetti directly in our electric kettle, drained it using panty hose, then tossed it with cold tinned tomatoes. It was actually pretty good.

Ramen noodles, cooked in a tin can over an open fire. If I’d only had some malt liquor, it would have been the ultimate hobo meal.

Apparently spiking malt liquor with OJ isn’t inventive enough, as Caleb points out:

Take a solid chug past the label and make up the difference with shitty vodka, add OJ per normal, and you have what some of us here call a Socrates. Pronounced Soh-Crayts.

A doctor’s in the house! Alex let’s us know that the Bleeding Heart (and all other organs, too) Cake from our Top 10 Favorite Halloween Cakes is anatomically correct:

omg the organs cake is so oddly realistic…

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