Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Everyone Picks on Guy


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

David Chang and Anthony Bourdain, on the rampage.  In their sights: cupcakes and Guy Fieri.

– And if the verbal bitch-slap wasn’t enough, poor Guy gets the SNL treatment (fairly well done by Bobby Moynihan), only to be picked clean by ravenous birds.

After the jump:  As much Steingarten as you can handle,  hot food/cold feet and real, honest to goodness cooking on your television.

– Now that the excruciating current season of Hell’s Kitchen has been put out of its misery (like a chef’s knife to the lobster’s brain), get all caught up on Next Iron Chef with full episodes available online from Fancast.

– Todd English does the “Here comes the groom, there goes the groom” routine.

– Scripps — the folks who run Food Network — will be switching Fine Living’s name and format next year, becoming the Cooking Channel.  If Sandra Lee’s face shows up on that network, I’m filing a class action lawsuit.

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  • DosDos October 15, 2009  

    That SNL skit made me cringe. They kept saying “Fieti” for his last name. Whoever wrote the queue cards should be fired. I don’t mind the guy-bashing, but for network tv, the least they could do was get his name right!

  • tvff October 15, 2009  

    That’s TOTALLY how he pronounces it! Although I’ve always thought it was a little more “Fiedi.” They pronounced the “R” during the Next Food Network Star, but they completely Italianed it up when he got his own show. It’s not Giada-level overpronunciation, but it’s up there.

  • DosDos October 16, 2009  

    ok.. now that you say “Fiedi” I know what you mean… I guess I don’t watch enough Guy to really know what I’m talking about!

  • gansie October 18, 2009  

    i am way excited for this new food channel. i’m hoping its more public television style than food network, though.

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