Eye Scream


That’s right. Fuck pumpkin. Don’t get me wrong. The only vegetable I loved at age 12 was found in DAD GANSIE’s homemade pumpkin pie. But at this point, I appreciate some originality.

Here is 2941‘s valrhona white chocolate, pistachio mousse and raspberry-lychee coulis made into frighteningly scary Halloween eyes. And this Halloween treat is sans pumpkin. How refreshing. How delicious. And how scary!

How are you cooking for Halloween?

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  • Alex October 7, 2009  


  • Tia October 7, 2009  

    My kids want the same thing every year. Spaghetti with meat eyeballs. Basically spaghetti with meatballs that have a green or black olive slice eye on them. They make caterpillar breadsticks (a breadstick with carrot stick legs). Dessert is kind of like the one in your post only a lot less fancy. A scoop of vanilla ice cream with a lifesaver iris & we drip strawberry sauce on them so they look like they are bleeding. We are a little bit twisted that way.

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