R.I.P. Gourmet Magazine: 1940 – 2009


Sad day for those of you who prefer your food journalism in dead tree form. Beleagured publishing giant Conde Nast has announced they’re pulling the plug on Gourmet magazine after nearly seven decades in print.

Gourmet’s impending doom had long been rumored, but highfalutin foodies held out hope that Conde Nast would shutter Gourmet’s more downmarket sibling Bon Appetit instead. Personally, I’m glad to see BA survive (at least for now), as it offers more content for run-of-the-mill food lovers while Gourmet was a little too focused on Paris wine bars for my taste. But it’s still sad to see such a longstanding food world authority fall by the wayside.

The November issue of Gourmet will be the magazine’s last. Fortunately, Gourmet’s recipes will live on via the Interwebs at Epicurious.

What say, you ESers? Will you mourn the death of Gourmet?

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  • Nick October 5, 2009  

    I literally just sent them a check to renew my subscription last week.


  • Chrystal K. October 5, 2009  

    This is so sad. Not only for the readers of those magazines, but for the writers/editors that now have to find new jobs. I really hope everyone of them finds a place to work that they really love soon.

  • Chris R October 5, 2009  

    I get the feeling that the Internet is going to get a bunch of new talented food writers.

  • Constant Gina October 5, 2009  

    You raise very good points, I agree. I even use Martha Stewart Every Day Food more than those for weekday meals – so good! I rarely buy all of those magazines. Publications also needed to get into the online game more, especially robust, beautifully designed online password-protected content for subscribers.

  • lorac yehcac October 5, 2009  

    i just subscribed for the first time. what happens?

  • BS October 5, 2009  

    @ Nick/lorac: My guess is that Conde Nast will probably start sending you Bon Appetit instead – but they haven’t said yet. Stay tuned! We’ll let you know what we hear.

  • limo October 6, 2009  

    Its really heart broken news for me….I’ll miss gourmet..

  • LC October 6, 2009  

    My mom and I were discussing this last night (she got a little teary) and she made the point that Bon Appetit does have more practical home cook recipes but Gourmet was aspirational. But then she admitted that she goes to the web for recipes and inspiration now. Anyway, we mourned the end of an era.

  • Aimee October 6, 2009  

    I’m crushed. It was the only magazine I subscribed to.
    What is the deal, though? We’ve lost the best food mag we’ve ever had and all people can do is beef about their $15 subscription?

    I’ll miss Gourmet.

  • gansie October 11, 2009  

    this really saddens me. for all the snotty ass expensive shit and luxe lifestyle that gourmet promoted, they provided inventive, trendy and stimulating recipes.

    i just went through their A-Z issue – it was my favorite yet. I think because I didn’t have to pretend to read the 18th story on the hottest Paris neighborhood. it was all recipes.

    i just cant believe they couldn’t even finish out the year. who kills a mag with the november issue? ugh. i’m pisted.

  • jd October 12, 2009  

    Gourmet is also the only magazine I subscribed to. I guess I’ll be getting Bon Appetit in its stead but I think I may add Cooks Illustrated now.

  • london March 12, 2010  

    We lost One of the best food magazine ..

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