Hot Carb-on-Carb Action in the Buff


It’s an unwritten rule of lunchtime that whatever food you’re eating should be somehow encased in a layer of bread or alternate form of carbohydrates. Yet despite the waning popularity of the Atkins diet, few establishments are bold enough to up the ante and serve lunch encased in two layers of said carbs. You wouldn’t wrap a quesadilla in a taco shell, throw a bagel sandwich on a sub roll, or stuff spaghetti inside a bread bowl. OK, well at least most of you wouldn’t do that last one.

Fortunately, Jamaicans (well, specifically the Jamaican Buff Patty lunch counter by my house in Brooklyn) observe no such standards of carbohydrate restraint. I was shocked/delighted to learn that their patties — which come with beef, veggies or jerk chicken inside — are not only surrounded by a crispy fried shell, but that shell is then wrapped inside a hefty hunk of coco bread. Insane? Genius? Both, I say. You get crispy carbs and doughy carbs in each and every bite. Now that’s what I call a lunch.

PS – this concoction costs a whopping $2.50 — cheapest lunch ever.

PPS – Yes, I went for a 5-mile run afterwards. No, I don’t think that burned off all the carbs I consumed.

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  • JoeHoya October 5, 2009  

    “…you wouldn’t wrap a quesadilla in a taco shell…”

    Well of course you wouldn’t – the mechanics just don’t work out. But wrapping a taco in a tortilla, on the other hand…that’s far easier (especially if you use melted cheese to fuse the tortilla to the taco shell.

    Have we forgotten Taco Bell’s Cheesy Gordita Crunch in all of its various incarnations so quickly?

  • Alyssa October 6, 2009  

    my friend used to eat stuffed shell sandwiches too…its definitely possible!

    and of course there are fat sandwiches…chicken fingers, onion rings, french fries, mozzerella sticks, all in a sandwich…its carb overload but sounds gooood

  • Leah October 19, 2009  

    What about the ancient and beloved “Chip Butty”of the British Isles? Nothing keeps off the cold rain like French Fries in a chewy bun. Talk about cheap.

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