Miracle Berry Tripping: Live Blog

Good friend of the blog Sara is celebrating her birthday this evening, and she made the very wise decision to do so the miracle fruit way.

Long-time readers will remember I first starting blabbing about Miracle Fruit nearly two years ago: the gist is that these tiny African berries have the effect of numbing your tongue’s sensors so that everything sour tastes sweet. Sour cream becomes vanilla frosting, tequila tastes like candy, sour patch kids are just patch kids.

I wanted to try these things so badly that my older brother even bought me a miracle fruit tree for Christmas! Alas, it turns out Brooklyn winters are not quite the same as tropical African ones, and my miracle plant withered before bearing any fruit. But now we’re giving it another try. Sara has purchased 10 miracle berry tablets for her party, and we’re about to finally find out what all the fuss is about. Read on, if you dare.

PS – No, mom, they’re not drugs. I swear.

8:27 pm: The Feast


Laura: It looks like someone got high and wanted all really healthy food.

Adam: You all are fucking gimmicky.

8:45pm: Sara breaks out the mBerries


Looks kinda small. Hope we didn’t buy too much food.

9:00pm: Cleansing Our Palates with Ginger


9:05: The Tripping Begins


The limes taste like candy limes!

9:12: Lemon + Salt


= crazy delicious.

9:22pm – Best Taste of the Night so Far:


Strawberry & Hot Sauce. No joke.

9:30 – Bitter Chocolate?


Tastes like dirt.

9:36 – Tequila!


Sweet but musty. Not sure if that’s a compliment. However, we were all very disappointed by the Guinness. Numerous Internet sources suggested it would take like a milkshake. It tasted like Guinness.

9:45: Confirmed. Sour patch kids are just patch kids.


It’s all very disorienting to have something like your taste buds go so out of whack. Everyone is yelling and grabbing food and acting like we are on drugs. Dave says there was an episode of CSI where a girl at a miracle berry party drank a glass of draino because she thought it was soda and died. Scary.

9:48 – Anusha Makes a Salad


Greens, blue cheese, walnuts, with a balsamic dressing. Everyone is way past using utensils at this point. The balsamic is amazing — it tasts sweet and strong and somehow just right, which is weird because the salt and vinegar chips don’t taste any different than they normally do.

9:55 – Everyone’s miracle tablet is just about worn off. We were worried that wasn’t going to be long enough, but really, who needs to eat lemons and dill pickles for longer than 45 minutes?

Summation: It’s a really bizarre thing to do for an evening. But we all want to do it again. Maybe with more of an actual meal.

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  • Liza September 29, 2009  

    Ok this is bad – I’m sitting here at home attempting to create an entire hour long presentation on my own since my partner is sick, and to distract myself I went to ES and found this – I’m going to be checking this ALL THE TIME TONIGHT! It doesn’t help that I’m sitting here trying to study while there is a birthday party going on upstairs but now THIS!

  • Alex September 29, 2009  

    I refuse to accept that magic berries make bitter chocolate taste like dirt and would just like to point out that BS doesn’t even LIKE bitter chocolate TO BEGIN WITH.

  • Alison September 29, 2009  

    I will confirm BS’s assertion that bitter chocolate on miracle berries tastes like dirt. No flavor, only texture. And I loooooove bitter chocolate (under normal circumstances).

  • Kerry Speiser September 30, 2009  

    Oh wow – I’ve never seen this brand before. Is it new? I’ve only had fresh fruit and Miracle Frooties from http://www.theworldsbestfruit.com I’m doing a research project on the effects of Miracle Fruit with diabetics and just stumbled across your blog. Is anyone in your group diabetic?

  • gansie September 30, 2009  

    BS – way to bring back the live blog, and glad it was for such a fitting occasion.
    these berries sound bad ass. is there a website dedicated to what people should try while “sweet high” ?

  • Laura Senkevitch September 30, 2009  

    Pickles on magic berries are an absolute must!

  • Johnny September 30, 2009  

    That brand of miracle fruit tablets uses the highest quality of miracle fruit and corn starch which is used as a binding agent. Other brands use fillers. You can find it http://stores.ebay.com/mymberry?refid=store.

  • BS September 30, 2009  

    @Kerry — sorry, no diabetics in our group – but sounds like great research – be sure to report back to ES!

  • Reza October 8, 2009  

    these miracle berry tabs are really amazing! i can only assume that they have to work miracles for diabetics, since they trick ones tongue and evrth tastes really sweet!

    @Johnny: you must be wrong with your info…This brand is def NOT the only one with the highest quality and no other fillers! I’m constantly purchasing Miracle Frooties that Kerry mentioned and to me they are far the best (they come in various sizes as well)! Large tabs (600mg) have really amazing and longer lasting affect!
    Anyhow – these taste tripping parties are something really new, original and I must say most natural and healthiest approach to have fun than those big drinking and other psychedelic partying!

  • Jane October 19, 2009  

    I love mberry miracle fruit tablets. And thanks Johnny I’ve been getting them on Amazon. I’ll look into ebay too.

    @Reza size doesn’t matter it’s just how you use it. And if you say it has no fillers? Then what is Potato starch, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Calcium Phosphate and magnesium stearate (what is this)? Sounds like garbage to add on the size of your tablets.

  • Reza October 21, 2009  

    It comes down to which producer/supplier you trust the most. I looked deep into it, since I do care what I’m taking!

    @Jane: do you honestly think that tablets you are praising don’t contain similar/same ingredients? I just don’t trust the product that doesn’t list the ingredients (or show nutrition facts). Couldn’t find it anywhere… Words like ‘we use no other fillers only corn starch’ just don’t trick me…
    I’m certainly looking to purchase products (not just Miracle Frooties) that are certified, and Miracle Frooties are the only miracle fruit tablets with ISO 9001 – HACCP certificate. If I’m not mistaken they are the original ones?Still garbage?
    Above all, I wanted to give my personnal view on the subject and didn’t want to offend no one. Certainly don’t want that this looks like a commercial, never!
    Everyone should enjoy whatever he/she wants or likes. I love this ‘miracle’ from mother Africa and just found the tablets that I trust and love. And I tend to keep it that way.

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  • JamieLuwell October 10, 2010  

    Loving the Miracle fruit, great article too…Miracle frooties take ages dissolve i have used them a few times. I always preferred the Mberry Tablets personally, But all in all nothing beats the berry thats why i picked up a plant from http://www.miraclefruithut.com so i could have dining parties every other month with my friends 🙂

  • bella batali March 11, 2015  

    I tried these with some friends, I wasn’t at all wowed by the experience. Most things tasted normal, lemons and limes were the only thing dramatically different but I still didn’t think they tasted good. Seems two very different experience by people. Many people on youtube seem totally amazed and others like myself not wowed. Read this post this morning before reading yours… http://rulesforrebels.blogspot.com/2015/03/mberry-or-miracle-berry-my-experience.html

  • Sandy May 14, 2016  

    Wow looks like you had a lot of fun!

    I have flavour tripping parties once every couple of months, I love them, I don’t know what it is but trying different foods I usually wouldn’t dream of eating raw is just so much fun.

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