Flowering Ideas


When I was home for Rosh Hashana last weekend I climbed into DAD GANSIE’s garden and captured a bagful of tomaotes. Some green, some greenish red, some bursting red.

The cucumbers had long been pickled. The carrots weren’t ready to be plucked.

But I wanted more to take home.

And then all of a sudden, I started talking about my mom’s flowers. And how they looked delicious. I’ve seen edible flowers on menus before. I didn’t know much about them. Like all things in life, a quick google search showed me what flowers I could munch on. Luckily, marigolds fit into that category.

We performed some taste tests before I made my mom mine her entire plot. My mom, dad and I (my sister refused) each tried a bite. It was bitter, but not terrible. I went in for a second taste, this time with a petal dipped in salt. Like all things dipped in salt, it became much more enjoyable to eat.

With my mom hysterically laughing, clipping flowers from the backyard, I am now in possession of some seriously beautiful marigolds. Currently, the stems lay in water, in a proper vase, pretending they’ll wilt to their death right there. But my stomach knows better.

I will eat these little bursts of orange. Of course, I have no idea how to incorporate them into a meal. And I refuse to wuss out of this and toss them with greens.

Perhaps in a pasta salad with herbs and feta?
Baked into an egg dish?
Stirred into guacamole?

Ideas please!

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  • BS September 29, 2009  

    a-fucking-mazing. I cannot believe MOMGANSIE let you eat her beautiful flowers. are they sturdy enough to withstand cooking? I’m thinking flash-fried marigold tempura.

  • Harmony September 29, 2009  

    I always think of edible flowers dipped in sugar or icing and gracing delicate cakes and pastries.

  • erica September 29, 2009  

    i don’t know about marigolds, but i freaking love nasturtiums.

  • belmontmedina September 29, 2009  

    Salad is pretty classic. Candied in a garnish, although I think violets are better. However, I feel you will make them into a spread or pesto of some sort.

  • gansie September 29, 2009  

    okay, so how about flowers with fresh ginger, soy-serrano sauce and haricot verts. or would an asian flare be weird?

  • gansie September 29, 2009  

    or flowers in a tomato, onion and pepper salad with feta and an creamed herb sauce?

  • Jakesg September 30, 2009  

    I was camping out at a friend’s farm near La Center, Washington (State) earlier this summer and when we all awoke he had prepared a breakfast of squash flowers. They were breaded and stuffed with an amazing omelet. Uneffinreal.

  • dad gansie October 1, 2009  

    We were glad to let gansie satisfy her crazy food urges
    with a little salt they weren’t bad
    M&D gansie

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