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apples and honey

JoeHoya does some research into why we eat apples and honey on rosh hashanah:

Found two sources that seem to offer similar explanations for both the apples and the honey:

(From aish.com. Slogan: Your Life. Your Judaism.)

From Reform Judaism Magazine, the official voice of the Union for Reform Judaism).

Long story short: the apple was seen as a symbol of rare beauty (see the Song of Songs for a comparison to Israel) and affection by the Israelites at various points. The fruit is further praised and compared to Israel for its bold appearance before any protective leaves surround it (see aish.com for the reasoning).

Good to know. And happy Yom Kippur everyone (can you say happy Yom Kippur?) Anyway, let us know if it raises any further food questions.

Jessica J shares her own ice cream micro-snack:

I do something similar. Spoonful of honey roasted PB, sprinkle a few chocolate chips over it, then dip the tip in Nutella. Lord have mercy.

And Erica has one as well:

I always thought a couple spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream in a cup of hot lipton tea was divine. then again, i’m kind of weird.

– Finally, thanks to everyone who has already sent in their photos for the smallest kitchens contest. Keep those entries coming — we’ll be posting the best next week.

(Photo: ForestForTrees)

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  • BS's Mom September 26, 2009  

    Happy Yom Kippur is not kosher; “have an easy fast” is preferred, I believe.

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