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Belmontmedina has an important addition to Bliz’ list of the Top 10 Tailgating foods:

And let us not forget the most important tailgating accessory- the red Dixie cup. (That’s a solo cup for you northerners.)

– Which has Leah out on the investigative trail:

Speaking of solo cups..has anyone noticed they changed them? They took out the interior line. I mean seriously, how am I supposed to measure now…from mixed drinks to beer pong..not cool.

Nick is getting into Ted Allen’s new gig:

After watching a bunch of episodes… I actually think Chopped is maybe the hardest of the cooking reality TV shows to win.

I’m really surprised that more contestants don’t completely botch the meals.

My favorite botch now that I’m on the subject was when a guy was making some sort of cake and got the salt and sugar mixed up… never tasted the batter… OOPS.

What about the rest of you? Are you liking Chopped or still dedicated to Top Chef?

– Oh, and a big thanks to everyone who has been dropping their bonus bacon recipes on our 100 ways to use a stick of bacon post. Check out the new additions, and keep ’em coming!

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  • Susan Barber September 11, 2009  

    First Comment:
    I feel sorry for the judges that have to eat food prepared by chefs with dirty fingernails and sweat dripping into the food. And by female chefs whose hair is hanging in their face and probably dropping into the food, also

    Second Comment:
    Why do all the judges and Ted Allen all look and act like they’re at an execution instead of a cooking show?

  • Nancy September 12, 2009  

    I really enjoy Ted Allen’s new show, and watch all the reruns too. the new season of Top Chef looks like a winner this time – at least these people can cook!

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