Reason #237 Why You Should Shop at the Farmers Market

garlic on the stalk

When I was a girl I thought farming was the dorkiest thing ever. Who would want to be in the middle of nowhere (hello?!?! malls?!?!) with animals and vegetables and have to be up early to do weird manual labor stuff? I really wasn’t sure what went on there, but I knew I loved my nails painted and my mornings free.

Clearly there’s been a sea change. While I haven’t quite exchanged my 42-inch TV for a hay stack, I’ve rethought my opinion of farms and farming and farmers. If only for the knowledge of where food comes from and how it grows.

Maybe I’m a suburban girl, but I had absolutely no idea how garlic grows. (I also never knew Brussels sprouts grew on a stalk). I know about garlic scapes, but I never really put together the life cycle. And then I saw garlic on this long, rod-type thing. Tons and tons of garlic bulbs attached to 2-foot rock-hard sticks. They’re actually quite dangerous, as my market companion kept having to excuse me for bumping into people with my garlic rod.

You know what I’m gonna say next: you don’t see this at your local grocery store, folks. So please. Head to the market over this long weekend. Find something new to cook. Learn something about your produce. Stop judging those dorky 4H kids.

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  • Nee Nee September 4, 2009  

    No need to take pity on 4Hers or FFA kids. They are a strong lot.

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