Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: (Thy)Roid Rage

salt shakers

Isn’t it funny when a word or topic that you rarely hear comes up two or three times in a short period of time?

As you probably know, there’s a discussion going on in the comments of the recent Spend vs. Skimp post about the virtues of sea and kosher salt and the need to make sure we actually get some of that healthful iodine that you find in table salt.

Despite the fact that the phrase “tincture of iodine” is one of my all-time faves, the topic is not one that you regularly hear at cocktail parties.  So you can imagine my surprise when I heard on the news that the health department of Pennsylvania is calling on residents that live near the state’s nuclear power plants to pick up new iodine tablets since the old ones have expired.

Iodine twice in one week…what are the chances?

Frankly, if there’s a meltdown, I’d be more more concerned with the giant rabbits.  But never let it be said that Endless Simmer doesn’t provide a public service:  If you hear the sirens go off, start chugging your Morton’s!

On to the smörg…which is always a low-sodium product.

– ABC brings us the most brilliant child in the world:  “Bacon is good for me!”

– The Food Network Mafia brings home a bunch of daytime Emmys, including the statue for “Outstanding Achievement in Making Sandra Lee Seem Lifelike.”

After the jump…How Food Network spent its summer, Jamie gets his groove on and TLC breaks new ground (no, not really).– You know how August is supposed to be the month you get off your ass and spend some quality time outside?  Well, I guess not.  A press release tells us that “Food Network posted its highest-rated, most-watched month ever this year during August, breaking Scripps Networks records with a .6 adults 25-54 rating, and 636,000 viewers for the month.”

– “Noooo!  Jamie Oliver isn’t gay!  He’s just a good dresser who takes pride in his appearance.  Oh — this doesn’t help.”

– What’s that?  You say that you can’t get enough cake-decorating competition television?  Really!?!?  Then TLC has just the thing for you.

(Photo: TheGiantVermin)

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