Hott Link: Happy Barfday to Rachael Ray


If you’re wondering why everything seems to be closed and empty today, you must have forgotten that August 25 is a national holiday — the 41st anniversary of the birth of gourmet chef/frequent ES punching bag Rachael Ray.

To celebrate, YumSugar has put together a post on the Top 10 Wackiest Named Rachael Ray Recipes. But a fair warning: these super-groan-worthy puns make the folks over at Snickers look like literary geniuses (that’s shallota flavor spaghetti, anyone?) In fact, they’re so bad, you might need a stiff drink afterwards. Perhpas a strawberry marg-alrighta?

Rachael Ray’s Wackiest Named Recipes [YumSugar]

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  • ML August 25, 2009  

    Thank god I wasn’t born a day earlier. I could not share my birthday with this.

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