The Best Birthday Present a Girl Could Ask For


Amidst the farm/Amish/cow shit stereotypes, I’ve come to realize that Pennsylvania really does love food.  Bon Appetit recently featured Philadelphia as being a “scrumptious” city. I’m not sure what happened to the “fat” label, I’m thinking maybe they meant Philadelphians are scrumptious rather than the food itself. But now really isn’t the time for technicalities.

Now that we’ve moved from “fat” to “scrumptious,” imagine my shock, surprise, and delight when I stumbled upon the news of the Reading Phillies’ Gluttony Night. The first Gluttony Night was May 19th, 2009, when the Reading Phillies served more food in one night than at any game in the team’s history.

On this night, 2,576 fans participating in the feast set a stadium record by consuming:

  • 4,549 hot dogs
  • 1,395 slices of pizza
  • 2,857 orders of fries
  • 4,870 sodas
  • 1,494 helpings of ice cream
  • 1,432 funnel cakes.

Gluttony Night II is scheduled for August 26th. Yes friends, that is my birthday.

Deets: An additional $10 to your ticket price (or a $15 ticket/eating combination) for-all-you-can-eat through the 7th inning stretch at select concession stands. These stands are serving cheeseburgers (not originally featured at the original Gluttony Night), hot dogs, fries, pizza, funnel cake and ice cream. Food is limited to one item per person in your group per trip to the concession stand.  No limit on how many stands one can visit in one trip.

But you have to buy the beer.

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  • Yvo August 13, 2009  

    Are you going to be there? If I didn’t already have plans, I’d be coming out to Philly to watch this and buy you a beer 🙂

  • ML August 13, 2009  

    I should be there…I anticipate that it will be a family bonding experience, as long as my dad doesn’t force me to “eat your moneys worth” the way he does at the buffet.

  • ladygoat August 13, 2009  

    That … is awesome. The name alone is brilliant!

  • gansie August 13, 2009  

    i guess its ballpark mentality, but id pick pizza (and fries) over a hot dog anytime.

  • ML August 13, 2009  

    I printed out a map of the concession stands and we’re planning to get seats in between the pizza and ice cream.

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