What I Did Over Summer Vacation

80P and I just took a week trip. We didn’t cook very much, although we snacked on this wonderful cheese called Prima Donna which was nutty and creamy and grainy. We started our vacation down the Jersey Shore and ended with a wedding in Hartford. But in between there was a tiny ES reunion at BS’ apartment in Brooklyn.

When we got there BS was sent a package from our kick ass advertising partner, foodbuzz. A few of us hoped guessed the gift could be a mini box of wine, but alas, we were graced with other products.

Check out the video:

Just like Britannia, I’m completely attached to my iPhone. And I’ve been taking videos like crazy.

I’m sure some of you have equally growing obsessions with video. And I’m sure most of you will be catching some amazing food moments through technology.

Send us your best videos and you will be the winner of our fabulous foodbuzz prize pack.

Here’s my entry. This counts as food, no?

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