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Nothing pleases me more than waking up on a weekend morning and switching on the Food Network. I love watching marathons of Iron Chef America or Food Network Challenge, hours and hours of great entertainment. I’ve always wondered what it actually takes to make a food show (even though we’ve all seen behind the scenes footage of our favourite studio audience sitcoms).

A few weeks ago I gate crashed was invited to the filming of Kelsey & Spike Cook, a show of roughly five minute webisodes from Kelsey & Spike Cook is a fun spin on classic dishes. Kelsey, of The Next Food Network Star, tends to go by the book, while former Top Cheftestant, Spike, in true form, turns it around and breaks from the norm of conventional cooking. I actually witnessed him rolling out pastry with the handle of a broom.

Check out those shenanigans and a few behind the scenes secrets after the jump.

One of the first things I was stunned by were the amount of crew it takes to film. Despite the show only being five minutes in length, it still takes a full production company to make it happen. I counted at least fourteen crew to the two hosts, multiple cameras, photographers and sound folk.

As they were filming ten shows over two days there were of course many costume changes. Spike’s signature hats were even on hand for a supporting role- they can’t be seen wearing the same outfit now can they. It was insanely serious!

In addition to the show-kitchen there was a full kitchen with staff behind the scenes creating back up dishes of what the hosts were cooking. It takes at least an hour to film a five minute show. The back up food was needed for heat effect, you know, to get that cooked look with steam rising off the dish and that picture perfect result.

Kelsey was quick to tell me that the dish I got to try was not in fact her creation but of the chef from the kitchen out back, hers was apparently much better, natch.

The kitchen was a mass of excitement, the food was great and the stars were a thrill to watch. I recommend you check out some of their videos once you’ve posted a comment or two here.


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  • Deej July 29, 2009  

    Thanks for the invite….oh wait…

  • Maids July 29, 2009  

    Were there any prima donna tantrum moments? Dish!

  • Britannia July 29, 2009  

    I stuck around as long as I could (middle of the work day) but alas, both hosts were polite and engaging, finding the time to chat with me in between takes.

    There were no a-typical chef moments in the kitchen, the two have great chemistry. If you watch some of the webisodes online you’ll see they make sarcastic digs at one another, Spike to Kelsey’s simpler way of cooking and Kelsey to Spike about his funny name. That’s about it unforch.

  • BS July 29, 2009  

    Spike polite and engaging?? I don’t believe it – he’s a Top Chef villain! tell us the truth.

  • Britannia July 29, 2009  

    No word of a lie- I mean, he was his usual sarcastic and childish self, but it is Spike we are talking about. But nothing out of the ordinary.

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